Đorđe Stanojević

associate professor

Email address: djordje.stanojevic@fsu.edu.rs

Narrow scientific/artistic field:

Drawing and painting

Đorđe Stanojević acquired a diploma in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He followed it up with a magister’s degree from the same faculty and, finally, a doctorate in painting.

  • 2014. Acquisition by Zepter museum;
  • 2007. Award for visual identity of Serbia;
  • 2000. Award at the 4th Yugoslav Young Artists’ Biennale.
  • “Fantastic Landscape”, Haos gallery, Belgrade;
  • “Shapes”, Media Nox gallery, Maribor;
  • “Les Apparences”, Abstract Project gallery, Paris;
  • “Les Dialogues”, Grace Teshima gallery, Paris;
  • “Light Gatherers”, FLU gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Shape of the Earth”, Cultural Center Art Salon, Novi Sad;
  • “Objects”, Petnica Science Center;
  • “Reflections”, Serbian Cultural Center Gallery, Paris;
  • “The Ergonomics of Earth”, ULUS gallery, Belgrade;
  • “Open Studio”, La Cité internationale des Arts, Paris;
  • “Objects”, Cultural Center Gallery, Kraljevo;
  • “Germination”, Belgrade Gallery, Belgrade;
  • “To Paint Like Nature”, Montegro Contemporary Art Center, Podgorica;
  • “Podgorina”, Osečina gallery, Osečina;
  • “The Birth”, Silos gallery, Valjevo;
  • “The Growth”, Nova gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Ergonomics of Earth”, Cultural Center Gallery, Pančevo;
  • “Earth’s Painting”, SULUV gallery, Novi Sad;
  • “The Strength of the Earth”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Smederevo;
  • “The Poetics of Earth”, National Museum gallery, Valjevo;
  • “The Inscription”, Magacin gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Pulsing Reality”, UBSM Art Center gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Presence”, National Museum gallery, Valjevo;
  • “The Earth”, SKC gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Rain”, FLU gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Letter”, Military Academy gallery, Belgrade;
  • “Fragments”, Media Center gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Spreading”, Youth Center gallery, Belgrade;
  • “The Ladder”, FLU gallery, Belgrade.
  • International Modern Sculpture Festival; Nature as material for sculpture; – Sculpture network, SULUJ gallery, Belgrade;
  • 5th international Visual Art Beinnale, Čačak;
  • “Nord Art”, internaciotional exhibition, Hamburg;
  • “New Acquisitions”, Zepter museum, Belgrade;
  • “Collection”, Funnel gallery, Bucharest;
  • “The Spring Salom”, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, Belgrade;
  • “Nine Festival”, Brickyard, Belgrade;
  • “Nature &Art”, Scandinavian Pavilion, Belgrade;
  • “Nature & Art collection”, Osečina gallery;
  • “New Year’s Exhibition”, Belgrade gallery, Belgrade;
  • Drawings and Small Plastics Triennial, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, Belgrade;
  • Exhibition by the professors from Academy of Art and Conservation in Belgrade, Military Center gallery, Belgrade;
  • “New Works”, Funnel gallery, Bucharest;
  • “Works on Paper and Objects VI”, Belgrade gallery, Belgrade;
  • “Collection”, Galateca gallery, Bucharest;
  • “Exibition by Serbian Artists”, National Museum, Rovinj;
  • “Parallels”, Cultural Center gallery, Valjevo;
  • “Spring Salon”, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, Belgrade;
  • “Ecocult”, Progress gallery, Belgrade;
  • International Expanded Media Triennial, Cvijeta Zuzorić pavilion, Belgrade;
  • 4th International Visual Arts Biennale, Čačak;
  • “Nature & Art Project”, Mixer festival, Belgrade;
  • “Earthing” (site-specific project), “Nature & Art Project”, Mixer festival, Belgrade;
  • “Ars Kozara” (land art project), Mrakovica National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • “Drawings and Small Plastics”, Silos gallery, Valjevo;
  • Exhibition by “Nature & Art Project” colony, Osečina gallery, Osečina;
  • “Nature & Art Project”, Son:Da Foundation gallery, Maribor;
  • “Nature & Art Project”, Mixer festival, Belgrade;
  • “Nature & Art Project”, Green Screen Festival, Belgrade;
  • Exhibition by Jalovik Colony, UBSM Art Center, Belgrade;
  • Exhibition by Jalovik Colony, Cultural Center gallery, Sopot;
  • “Nature & Art Project”, Heritage House, Belgrade;
  • “Nature & Art Project”, National Museum gallery, Valjevo;
  • PM Art Foundation, Matica Srpska Gallery, Novi Sad;
  • PM Art Foundation, Philip Morris gallery, Belgrade;
  • PM Art Foundation, Philip Morris gallery, Niš;
  • Exhibition by Jalovik Colony, Cultural Center gallery, Jalovik;
  • Young artists’ festival “Crossroads”, Valjevo;
  • “Proposition-Reflection”, UBSM Art Center, Belgrade;
  • New Members of ULUS, Cvijeta Zuzorić gallery, Belgrade;
  • “7 Serbian Artists”, HIPP gallery, Pfaffenhofen, Germany;
  • “The Library of Mirackles”, FLU Gallery, Belgrade;
  • 4th Yugoslav Young Artists Biennale, Concordia, Vršac;
  • Inrernational exhibition “BREAK 21”, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • Global Festival of Works on Paper, Kranj, Slovenia;
  • Exhibition by ‘’Prosopon” group, Old Captaincy gallery, Zemun;
  • Exhibition by ‘’Prosopon” group, National Museum gallery, Valjevo.
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