Annamaria Serda


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Scenic Speech and Voice Technique

Annamaria Serda graduated from an International School in Zagreb, where she attended all lessons in English, in 2014. She is fluent in English (C2 Cambridge Certificate), French (B2 DELF Certificate), Italian and Spanish.
She studied acting at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts with professor Vida Ognjenović and assistant Ivan Bosiljčić, acquiring an undergraduate degree in 2017.
In 2019, she acquired an M.F.A. in acting with professor Vida Ognjenović and embarked upon a doctorate entitled The Actor’s Role in Musical Theater.
She participated in the teaching of scenic speech as a student-demonstrator with professor Biljana Đurović for two years (2017–2019).
In 2019, she started teaching scenic speech as assistant to professor Biljana Đurović, and voice technique as assistant to professor Agote Vitkai.


  • Brenda in Mayhem (USA, 2017), directed by Joe Lynch
  • Emma in Crawl (2019), directed by Alexandre Aja


  • Secretary in The Morning Will Change Everything, 2018
  • Jelena Milašević in Emergency Center, 2019


  • Ivana in Visa, written and directed by Vida Ognjenović, FCA – Premiere: “Raša Plaović” Stage, National Theater, Belgrade, 2017
  • Judge in Miguel de Cervantes’, Interludes, directed by Vida Ognjenović, graduation play, FCA – Premiere: “Raša Plaović” stage, National Theater, Belgrade, 2017
  • Eva in Ingmar Bergman’s Autumn Sonata, directed by Vida Onjenović, FCA – Premiere: “Raša Plaović” stage, National Theater, Belgrade, 2018
  • Carol in David Mammet’s Oleanna, directed by Vida Ognjenović, MFA role, FCA / Duka Jovanović Theatre of Aleksinac – Premiere: “Raša Plaović” stage, National Theater, Belgrade, 2019
  • Young actors’ workshop at London’s Globe theatre, 2013