Žarko Trebješanin

full professor

Narrow scientific/artistic field

Psychology, Psychology of Acting

Žarko Trebješanin was born in 1950 in Belgrade, where he graduated and acquired a PhD from the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade. He has worked as a full professor since 1995. He has taught Introduction to General Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychology of Acting and Non-verbal Communication at several Belgrade faculties: Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Philosophy, Teacher Education Faculty and Faculty of Contemporary Arts. He also teaches in Montenegro, at the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Department of Psychology) in Podgorica.

Žarko has managed and collaborated on several scientific and professional projects of the Institute of Psychology in Belgrade. He is the author of the project of professional education in psychology for employees of non-government organizations and he also gives lectures at thematic seminars organized by OEBS and related to the concepts of identity, views, biases and stereotypes. In Montenegro, he has managed several projects on tolerance, peer violence, leadership among Roma, etc. (2003-2006, OEBS).

Žarko Trebješanin presided over the Yugoslav Association of Psychologists, The Council of Scientific Fields of Science and Social Studies of the University of Belgrade and has been a member of the University Council in Belgrade, a board member of Politika and RTS, as well as the editor-in-chief of Psihološke novine. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the edition of publications “Psihologija za radoznale” (Psychology for the Curious) published by the Zavod za udžbenike. He scripted and hosted the series “U središtu duše – Priče o Frojdu” (In the Center of the Soul – Stories about Freud), a three-part production that premiered on RTS in 2006 and has had several re-runs since.

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  • The Borislav Stevanović Award (1995 and 2009) for scientific contribution to psychology (Serbian Psychological Society)
  • The Veselin Lučić Award (2009) for the best scientific work (University of Belgrade)
  • The Knight of the Vocation Award, for honorable conduct in one’s profession (Serbian League of Experts) 
  • The Stojan Novaković Award (2012) for the best high-school textbook (Zavod za udžbenike)
  • The Radoje Domanović Award (2019) for scientific and theoretical contribution to satirical literature (Association of Writers of Serbia).