Dino Karailo

Dino Karailo

visiting professor

Email address: dino.karailo@fvu.me

Narrow scientific/artistic field
Communication Design

Graphic Design

Dino Karailo received his diploma in painting from the Faculty of Visual Arts in Cetinje in 2000. Four years later, he acquired the title of magister at the same faculty, and in 2014, he started teaching communication design at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts as a visiting professor.

  • Exhibition “46th October Salon of Art that Works – Catch me!” 2005, Belgrade;
  • Exhibition “Herceg Novi Winter Salon” Herceg Novi, 2005;
  • Exhibition “New Wave” Brussels–Podgorica–Sarajevo–Paris-Utrecht, 2006;
  • Exhibition “December Visual Arts Salon” Podgorica, 2006 (first prize for painting);
  • Group exhibition “A Look at Contemporary Montenegrin Art“, “Karas” gallery, Zagreb, 2008;
  • Group exhibition “Petar Lubarda Salon” Cetinje–Podgorica, 2009;
  • Land art projecat – workshop-exhibition “Deliblato Sands – Europe’s Unique Desert” Novi Sad, 2011;
  • Campaign “Not a Cent for Bribery” of Montenegro’s Ministry of Justice (TV ad, poster, brochure, billboard, city light) 2013;
  • Opening credit for the documentary show “Arabesque Dawn” (project supported by TIKA agency), 2013;
  • Exhibition “Mfru – International Computer Arts Festival”, 2014.