Ivan Bosiljčić

Ivan Bosiljčić

assistant professor

Email address: ivan.bosiljcic@fsu.edu.rs

Narrow scientific/artistic field:


Ivan Bosiljčić received his diploma from the Novi Sad Academy of Arts in 2001.
He has been teaching at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts as an assistant professor since 2017.

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream, National Theater in Užice, 2000
  • Jasmin Astray, Slavija Theater, Belgrade, 2002
  • Snakeskin, CZKD, Belgrade, 2001
  • The Unsummoned, CZKD, Belgrade, 2003
  • Mileva Einstein, National Theater in Belgrade, 2001
    -Hamlet, National Theater in Belgrade, 2002
  • The Picky Bride-To-Be, National Theater in Belgrade, 2012
  • Serbian Trilogy, National Theater in Belgrade, 2014
  • Miracle in Šargan, National Theater in Belgrade,2015
  • Mary Stewart, National Theater in Belgrade, 2016
  • Grease, Theater on Terazije, 2002
  • Kiss me Kate, Theater on Terazije, 2003
  • Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven, Theater on Terazije, 2004
  • A Chorus Line, Theater on Terazije, 2006
  • Heroes, Theater on Terazije, 2007
  • Chicago, Theater on Terazije, 2007
  • Come Down to Earth, Theater on Terazije, 2008
  • The Marathon Family, Theater on Terazije, 2009
  • Gloria, Theater on Terazije, 2010
  • Under the Starlight, Theater on Terazije, 2011
  • Zona Zamfirova, Theater on Terazije, 2012
  • The Speed of Darkness, Zvezdara Theater, 2008
  • Les Miserables, Madlenianum Opera and Theater, 2008
  • The Scent of Rain in the Balkans, Madlenianum Opera and Theater, 2011
  • Rebecca, Madlenianum Opera and Theater, 2016
  • TV series Family Treasure, RTS, 1998–2001
  • TV film Te quiero Radiša, RTS, 2003
  • TV film Monet, RAI, 2004
  • TV series On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, RTS, 2005
  • TV series The Dollars Are Coming, RTS, 2005
  • TV series Mixed Marriage, RTV Pink, 2007
  • TV series Love, Habit, Panic, RTV Pink, 2007
  • Animated film Ninja Turtles, RTS, 2007
  • TV film Where the Yellow Lemon Blossoms, RTS, 2007
  • TV series Love and Hate, RTV Pink, 2008
  • Animated film Planet 51, cinemas, 2008
  • Film i TC series The Blue Danube, cinemas, RTV, 2008
  • Film and TV series The Wounded Eagle, RTS, 2009
  • TV series Her Mother’s Sin, RTS, 2009
  • Children’s TV film April and the Detective, RTS, 2010
  • TV series The Last Audience, RTS, 2010
  • Animated film Peter Pan, 2010
  • TV series All That Plain, RTV Pink, 2010
  • TV series The Invincible Heart, RTS, 2011
  • Film and TV series Professor Kosta Vujić’s Hat, RTS, 2012
  • TV series The Jagodićs, RTS, 2012
  • TV series The Farewell Waltz, RTS, 2014
  • Animated film Frozen, cinemas, 2014
  • TV series The Emergency Room, TV Prva, 2014
  • TV series Santa Maria della Salute, RTS, 2017
  • Best Young Actor, Joakim Vujić Theater Encounters, award for the role of Puck in the play “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Šabac, 2000
  • Zoran’s Moustache, award for acting tour de force in the play “Don Krsto” at Zoran Radmilović Days in Zaječar, 2007
  • Best Debutant at Niš Film Encounters 2008 for the role of Vasila in the filmu “Blue Danube”. Also for this film: audience award and Journalists’ Award, Niš 2008
  • Best Young Actor at the Comedy Days Festival in Jagodina 2009 for the role of Mirko Topalović in the play “The Marathon Family”, Jagodina 2009
  • Acting Couple of 2009 – Ivan Bosiljčić – Sloboda Mićalović, The Wounded Eagle, Niš Film Encounters, Niš 2009
  • Acting Couple of 2010 – Ivan Bosiljčić – Ivana Jovanović, Her Mother’s Sin, Niš Film Encounters, Niš, 2010
  • Theater on Terazije Annual Award, 2010 for the role of Don Jera in the play “Gloria”, Belgrade 2012
  • Acting Couple of 2012 – Ivan Bosiljčić – Sloboda Mićalović, The Invincible Heart, Niš Film Encounters, Niš 2012
  • Sterija Award for acting achievement for the role of Mane in the musical Zona Zamfirova, Novi Sad, 2013
  • Golden Turkey for best acting achievement for the role of Branko in the play “The Picky Bride-To-Be”, at the 43rd Theater Festival of Best Comedy Achievements of Serbia – Comedy Days in Jagodina, Jagodina 2014