Ljiljana Blagojević


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She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the class of professor Milenko Maričić with the highest grade. Prior to her tenure at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, she was a full professor of acting and founder of the Department of Theater and Film Art at the Sinergy University in Bijeljina.


She has been equally successful in theater, film and television, playing a number of timeless roles and receiving many prestigious acting awards.
As a third-year student of acting, she appeared in the movie “Boško Buha”; her first leading role was in 1981, in Emir Kusturica’s “Do You Remember Dolly Bell?”. During this time she also debuted in theater, where she worked first as a freelance artist, and from 1996, a star of Belgrade’s National Theater.

She is married to playwright and director Siniša Kovačević; they have a daughter, the actress Kalina Kovačević. Ljiljana and her husband founded the production company AVE SERBIA, which produced the movies “Sons of My Brothers” and “Maša”, as well as the series “Bitter Fruits”.
She has been in over 50 movies and received the most prestigious awards. Her film roles include “The Smell of Quinces”, “Solemn Obligation”, “A Mild Case of Death”, “Sons of My Brothers” and “Pledge”.

Her TV debut was in 1982, with the leading role in the series “Village MD”. After the peak of her TV fame with the leading role in the series “The End of the Obrenović Dynasty”, she stopped working for TV for a while, returning in the series “Bitter Fruits”, where she was also one of the producers. She enjoyed further success in the series “The Scent of Rain in the Balkans” and “Budva on the Sea Foam”.

  • „“Empress Theodora”
  • “Gold Medal” at the Festival of Monodrama in Zemun
  • “Golden Mimosa” at the Herceg Novi Festival
  • “Golden Clapperboard” at the Niš Festival
  • “Politika Award”
  • “Golden Olive” at the International Festival of Television in Bar
    Award at “Ljubiša’s Days“
  • “Joakim Vujić” award
  • “Arena” at Novi Sad film festival
  • First prize at monodrama festival in Sarajevo
  • “Golden Link“ for lasting contribution to culture
    Popularity Oscar
  • The Great Charter in Niš
  • National Theater’s award for best acting achievement in theater season 2001/2002
  • First prize at the “Monologue Festival” in Stockholm
  • “Bora Stanković” award at Vranje festival
  • “Golden Knight” for best female role at the 16th Moscow FIlm Festival
  • Best actress at the 4th Moscow Theater Festival
  • Best producer award for the movie “Maša”
  • “Golden Badge” for cultural contribution from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Culture and Education Community
  • Best acting award at the 10th theater event “In Žanka’s Honor”
    “Žanka Stokić” award, or the Great Žanka, awarded to preeminent actors of Serbian theater
  • “Sergei Bondarchuk” award for exquisite contribution to world cinema
  • “Golden Antenna” – most popular actress award in season 2011/2012 at the second Domestic Series Festival FEDIS, for the role of Nađa Bačić in the series ”Budva on Sea Foam“
  • “Knight of Serbian Acting” – “Knight of Serbia” award, awarded to prominent persons from different public spheres (2014)
  • Best actress award at the 19th International Festival of Small Stage and Monodrama in Eastern Sarajevo, for the role of Bosa in the play “Soka’s and Bosa’s“ (2014)…

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