Vladimir Karanović

Assistent professor

Narrow scientific/artistic field
Drawing and Painting

Stylized Drawing 1 and 2

Vladimir D. Karanović holds a master’s degree in fine arts. He was born in Lazarevac in 1972; he lives in Belgrade and he is active both in Serbia and abroad. He has been painting icons since 1992, when he made his early steps in the Žiča Monastery. In 1993, Vladimir traveled to Mount Athos and enrolled at the Athonite Orthodox Academy, where he studied Medieval Painting directly from the Mount Athos masters.
In order to perfect his craft, in 1995, Vladimir enrolled at the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Art and Conservation in Belgrade. He chose Mural Painting and Conservation, in the class of professors Dragomir Jašović and Pavle Aksentijević, under whose mentorship he graduated in 2001. He also acquired his master’s degree at the same institution in 2013.
From 1999, Vladimir has been working as the head of an atelier that has painted several dozens thousands of square feet of wall in 25 churches in the country and abroad, among which the most notable are: Vavedenje monastery in Senjak, the crypt at the Church of Saint Sava at Vračar; the Church of Saint Sava in Paris; the Church of Saint Basil of Ostrog in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; the Church of Saint Cyprian in the Megali Panagia, Haldiki, Greece; the Church of the Ascension of the Lord in Žarkovo; the Church of the Holy King Stefan Dečanski in Železnik, the Chapel of Saint John the Evangelist at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade, The Church of Saint Paul and Peter in Aranđelovac, and many others.

Vladimir has been a member of ULUPUDS from 2005 (Department of Painting and Graphics) and holds the status of an independent artist. In addition to both wall and easel painting, he also works in conservation and gilding. He has conducted conservation and building works on several complete iconostases, including the iconostasis in the Ružica Church in the Belgrade Fortress.

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