Become a professional in interior design and redecoration

You already deal in interior design but would like to expand your knowledge, further enrich your skills and expertise and broaden your horizons, or you would love to set that specific course for your artistic endeavors?

Master studies in interior design would be a logical next step after completing undergraduate studies of Interior Design. If you want to perfect your knowledge in design, focus it further and build your own style, then this is the perfect education for you.

Who should enroll at the Master Studies in Interior Design?

Master studies of interior design have been designed primarily for those who want to continue with their studies, perfect their knowledge in the field and start their career while still at the university.

Students are trained in individual and team work, in providing analytical, technical and project-oriented response to every task they encounter, but also to form their own style and produce new, innovative ideas. In a nutshell, you will become the experts in step with the times and with the development of new technologies which you will be using in your work.

Acquire recognized Adobe and Autodesk certificates

Studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts was designed to equip the students to be able to, upon their graduation, take exams for some of the world’s most prestigious certificates when it comes to design – Adobe and Autodesk certificates.

To be successful in your job as an interior designer, you have to know how to work in Autodesk programs like AutoCAD and 3ds Max, and in addition to that, knowing how to work in Adobe software will increase your productivity.

Autodesk certificates

  • AutoCAD Certified User/Professional;
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User.

Adobe certificates

  • ACP Visual design using Photoshop;
  • ACP Graphic design & illustration using Adobe Illustrator;
  • ACP Print & digital media publication using Adobe InDesign;
  • ACP Web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • ACP Digital video using Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • ACP Visual effects & motion graphics using Adobe After Effects;
  • ACP Multiplatform animation using Adobe Animate CC.


What are the goals of master studies of interior design?

Upon the completion of master studies in interior design, you will become a professional who possesses the skills required both for independent and team work and for collaborating with other experts.

The objective is to form a complete expert, one who is able to conceptualize the reality from their own angle and is also able to respond to the demands on the modern market. You will broaden your designer’s perspective, build your very own style, and your interior design will serve as the real proof that this profession is a noble mixture of architecture and design.


What can one do with a master’s degree in interior design?

There is a wide range of interiors you can personally style when you graduate from this master’s program. Design, composition and organization of the floor, ceiling and walls in an interior space, i.e., everything that interior design implies, is required in many facilities, but also in homes of the people who want a distinct and comfortable living space. Here are just some of the buildings whose interiors you could design:

  • industrial buildings,
  • exhibition halls, exhibition spaces and museums,
  • sports and recreation facilities,
  • shopping malls,
  • hotels and restaurants,
  • facilities of cultural institutions (opera houses, theater buildings, concert halls),
  • private apartments and offices, showrooms and studios, libraries,
  • administrative and government buildings (banks, conference halls, school facilities)
  • travel facilities (airports and railroad facilities).

Enroll into the master’s program in interior design, continue your education and perfect your knowledge in design, sound architecture and environmental control. Become a recognized expert in this field.

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