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Undergraduate studies prices for first year enrollment for 2020/21

DepartmentPrice for applications by March 31Total PriceIn 12 installments
Dramatic Arts31503600263
Visual Arts22003600183
Music communications16002700133
Aplied media and content creation16002700133
Creative business///

Master studies prices for first year enrolment for 2020/21

DepartmentPrice for applications by March 31Full pricen 12 installments
Dramatic arts30003900250
Visual arts25003900208

Doctoral studies prices for first year enrolment for 2020/21

DepartmentPrice for applications by March 31Full priceIn 12 installments
Dramatic arts - Acting32003900267
Visual arts - Painting32003900267

* Prices are listed in euros. The fee is paid in dinars at National Bank of Serbia’s selling rate on the day of payment.

Fees for students from earlier generations are calculated according to the price list current at the time when the students enrolled into the first year.

This means that each generation, by the deal’s special decision before the start of the school year, a discount will be determined for the second and all further years, from the full price listed on this page.

Enrollment for class 2020 is underway

To ensure the best possible terms, you need to apply as soon as possible. The number of places at each department is limited, and the longer you wait, the higher the fee. This is why the right time to apply is right now.


Paying in 12 installments

One of the special benefits reserved for the students who apply within the registration period is the possibility of payment in 12 monthly installments during the school year. This way we reward all those who show determination, readiness and ambition – qualities worthy of Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ wholeaharted praise and support.

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