20 years of tradition and bringing art and technology together for your successful artistic career

Faculty of contemporary art is a unique faculty of performing and applied arts located in a peaceful part of Belgrade.

The founder of Faculty of Contemporary Arts is Information Technology School  – ITS, the first accredited private higher education institution for IT in Serbia.

That makes it a part of the group of the region’s top-quality educational institutions backed by Comtrade and LINK group – leaders in contemporary education.

It was founded in 1997 as the first private faculty of arts in these parts; it has formed a great number of successful and renowned artists, known not only in the region, but also in the world’s preeminent art centers.

What's the conception of the unique curriculum?

The curriculum of Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ accredited study programs was designed with the focus on concrete training related to the professions of an artist and an art manager.

The curriculum also includes courses that follow the development of contemporary information technology, multimedia, contemporary art practice, as well as a number of elective courses. The curriculum thus encompasses the traditional educational experience and the modern tendencies.

By Artists. For Artists.

Knowledge and experience of the professors – globally renowned contemporary artists

Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ programs were created based on the vision of a better, more efficient higher education, while the teachers, important artists recognized worldwide, constitute the teaching elite in art education thanks to their dedication to high-quality, interactive ways of transferring their knowledge and skills.

Their goal is to make sure that the students acquire the competences that will prepare them for active and creative participation in the contemporary art world, along with the possibility of contributing to the development of the society.

A mere look at the names of the professors teaching at Faculty of Contemporary Arts, such as Vladimir Veličković, Vida Ognjenović, Branislav Lečić, Slobodan Trajković, Zoran Jedrijčić, provides a clear picture of their competence and professional authority.

The faculty’s involvement in numerous projects, cooperation with galleries, visual and applied arts associations, cultural institutions, the media, as well as contracts with international higher education institutions, confirm that Faculty of Contemporary Arts is a leader in educating art professionals.




The mission of Faculty of Contemporary Arts is to provide exquisite educational services in the art realm and in the field of art management, creating high-quality study programs for bachelor, master and doctoral studies and enrich the life of the academic community and the society in general.

Working responsibly in order to ensure the institution’s sustainable development, through continual professional development and research, we are creating a dynamic educational community focused on the constant improvement of the quality of the educational process.



Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ vision is to remain a renowned institution in the country and in the region, one that its users can trust, with recognizable results in research and education in art and art management, following the highest international standards in higher education and implementing the best practices.



  • Working with integrity and keeping promises
  • Excellence in all areas of activity
  • Ensuring professional development for all students and employees
  • Openness, honesty and respect
  • Team spirit
  • Proactivity and social responsibility

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