Over 25 YEARS OF TRADITION AND THE BLEND OF ART AND TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR success in the world of art and creative industries

Welcome to the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, the epicenter of innovation and creativity in the heart of Belgrade. Serving as a bridge between art and technology, our faculty represents an ideal springboard for those dreaming of a career in the world of art and the dynamic realm of creative industries. This faculty boasts nearly three decades of tradition of excellence, shaping creative leaders of the future.

Founded in 1997, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts became a pioneer in education in the field of arts and creative industries, providing its students not only with knowledge and skills but also with the inspiration to conceptualize a new reality of the 21st century.

As part of a prestigious educational family, whose founders include the Information Technology School – ITS, Comtrade, and LINKgroup, this faculty stands at the forefront of innovative education in Serbia and beyond.

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts is not just a place where you learn; it is a place where ideas are born, where art meets the future, and where every student gets the opportunity to make an indelible mark on contemporary culture and the world of creative industries.

A contemporary curriculum catering
to the needs of future artistic leaders

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, the curriculum is meticulously designed to meet the needs of individuals ready to venture into the world of contemporary art and creative industries, blending specialized subjects with the latest advancements in information technology, multimedia, and artistic practices. This unique combination ensures that students acquire relevant knowledge and skills, preparing them for success in their careers.

The program at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts is flexible, allowing students to tailor their education to their personal interests and professional goals. Through hands-on work, projects, and interactive workshops, our students become prepared to become leaders in the dynamic and creative world of art, thus positioning themselves as highly competitive in the job market. This program is designed to respond to current trends while aiming to provide education for future leaders in art and creativity.

By Artists. For Artists.

Your professors are globally recognized contemporary creators from the world of art and creative industries

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, higher education is elevated to a new level thanks to the visionary approach and commitment of professors, who are recognized figures in their fields and also excellent pedagogical experts. They are dedicated not only to imparting knowledge in an interactive and engaging manner but also to equipping students to become active participants in shaping contemporary creative trends, thereby making a significant contribution to society.

Numerous renowned figures, artists in their own right, distinguished academics, and respected experts are among the members of our teaching staff, providing students with an exceptional opportunity to learn from the best. These people guarantee a high level of expertise and authority in the fields in which they teach.

The active involvement of our professors in various projects, their collaboration with prestigious galleries, artistic associations, cultural institutions, and media houses, as well as partnerships with international educational institutions, distinguish the Faculty of Contemporary Arts as a leader in educating future prominent artists and professionals in creative industries. Through their work and dedication, professors confirm the leadership of this faculty in creating experts ready to advance creative spheres and shape future trends in art.




The Faculty of Contemporary Arts stands at the forefront of providing exceptional educational services and opening new horizons in the field of art and creative industries. With a mission to create high-quality study programs covering undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies that will produce future artists and creative leaders, this faculty aims to enrich the life of the academic community and society as a whole.

Through responsible business practices and a commitment to sustainable development, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts lays the foundation for a dynamic educational community. Through continuous professional development and research, this faculty focuses on constantly improving the quality of the educational process, thereby paving the way for innovations and inspiring future generations to contribute to the development of art and creative industries. In this way, FCA becomes a platform where creativity is freely explored and visions are transformed into reality, building a bridge between artistic expression and societal contribution.



The vision of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts is focused on maintaining its status as a leading institution at the national and regional levels, deserving the trust of students through outstanding achievements in research and education within the fields of art and creative industries. In its work, FCA aims to follow the highest international standards of higher education, applying best practices, thereby setting an example of excellence in the academic and artistic community.



  • Excellence in all areas of work: FCA sets high standards in the educational process, research, and all forms of creative expression.
  • Ensuring professional development for all students and professors: Providing opportunities for professional development, and encouraging growth and improvement for all members of the community.
  • Openness, honesty, and respect: Communication is based on principles of openness and transparency, where every voice matters. Honesty and mutual respect are key to creating a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Team spirit: Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, students achieve outstanding results, thus strengthening the faculty community and contributing to overall success.
  • Respect for academic ethics and integrity: Primarily reflected in promoting principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability in academic work and artistic expression.
  • Proactivity and social responsibility: Social responsibility is reflected in contributing to positive changes, both within the academic community and in the broader social environment.
  • Integrity in business and keeping promises: A commitment to maintaining integrity through ethical business practices and fulfilling all promises made.



The Faculty of Contemporary Arts directs its activities in accordance with the Law on Higher Education, setting as primary goals the education and development of prominent professionals in culture, art, and the creative sector. These professionals, trained both theoretically and practically, strive to proactively enhance their own creativity. Education at FCA is tailored to the needs of the labor market and economic trends, with a particular emphasis on culture, art, and a wide range of creative industries, with official accreditation of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral study programs.

The basic tasks of FCA are prescribed by the faculty’s governing bodies, namely the Faculty Council, upon the proposal of the Teaching-Artistic-Scientific Council. These tasks are public and available to all interested parties (employees, students, users, as well as the general public) through the faculty’s website, email, notice boards, and digital and printed publications of FCA and include:

  • providing equal opportunities for acquiring education and opportunities for lifelong learning;
  • encouraging artistic development and advancement of science, knowledge transfer, and contribution to society;
  • forming new generations of professionals in accordance with market and cultural needs;
  • meeting individual needs for knowledge and developing young artistic and scientific talent.

The mission and vision of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts are based on specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals, including:

  • alignment with high standards and trends in higher education;
  • synergy of art, scientific work, and educational activities;
  • systematic use of scientific discoveries in the educational process;
  • continuous development and improvement of art, science, and educational processes;
  • monitoring and implementation of new educational achievements;
  • application of best practices in teaching, research, and management;
  • improvement of quality management systems and transparency;
  • strengthening cooperation with relevant domestic and international institutions and organizations.

Join us and let your talent leave an indelible
mark on the creative art world

All activities at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, especially the development and evaluation of study programs, are aimed at achieving the accepted vision, mission, and set goals, with constant review and alignment with financial and sustainable aspects in a broader social context.

Join us and use your talent in a world where creativity knows no bounds. Become part of the current class and together shape the future development of art and creative industries. Your career starts here, at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, where your dreams become reality.