Our mission is a continuous work of shaping modern creative people – individuals who are aware of their independence in talent, freedom in knowledge and power in creativity.

As an educational institution that wants to remain an undisputed leader in the field of creative industry, we believe that we have the obligation of giving our students the most modern education that will enable them to become aware of their quality and to step into the world as freely as if it was a territory of their own ideas.


To be an artist is never a job, it is a calling. Job is done for the sake of existence, and creativity constitutes an existential need. Our vision is for every student of Faculty of Contemporary Arts to become an artist of the future whom we helped find their path in realizing their true desires, love and affinities. As a harmonized individual, deeply connected with their personal talents, knowledge and passions, they are truly happy, successful and accomplished through a calling that fulfills them.

What we want is for creativity to become a legitimate professional path one can live for and make a good living out of it, too.

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