Additional slill packages for securing future artists’ success

In addition to working on their talents and acquiring knowledge in art and culture, the students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have an opportunity to acquire contemporary, market-oriented skills, which will give them a chance to stand out from the competition and secure them space for expression and creation. This is provided by a package of additional courses that they can attend free of charge during their undergraduate studies.

The packages include courses from the Personal Development Program, while, in accordance with your study program, you can choose 4 more additional courses, which will further empower you as an artist and creator of the future.

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Why is it important that you gain business skills?

An artist must also be a businessman. And a very successful one at that, to ensure that all that creativity does not go unnoticed, neglected, unavailable to an appreciative audience. Although few artists like it, the laws of the market often rule this sphere, too, although its core purpose is not-for profit, so artists themselves often have to be real managers in order to have room to express their ideas in a way that suits their creative sensibilities.

To make your talent fully shine, the additional skills package will help you learn how today’s market works, how to connect with the right people, start a project that will promote art and culture in the best way, with a special advantage given you through mastering a variety of technical tools and programs that will enrich your abilities and provide you with new possibilities for expressing creative ideas.

Personal Development Program for success in any endeavor



Through the Personal Development Program (PDP), you can develop business skills necessary for success regardless of the field of your choice. The program contains courses that will help you gain the so-called transversal skills, a lasting ingredient of any business success. These are skills such as motivation, focus, concentration and many others, along with a number of different skills that will make you stand out among as a true professional among the competition.

Personal Development Program lasts during undergraduate studies; if you wish, you choose it as part of the additional courses package at the beginning of the year. The program is free of charge for all Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ students and constitutes an excellent way to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

Learn more about the courses included in the Personal Development Program.

Additional courses package for every department at undergraduate studies

Besides the Personal Development Program, as a student of Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can choose four more additional courses from the offer customized to the department you have chosen for your undergraduate studies. This way, you will augment the knowledge and skills you acquire at the faculty in the areas related to the topics you deal with as artists.

See what courses you can choose during your studies at FCA according to your department:

How to attend additional courses at FCA free of charge?

Use the opportunity FCA provides and use the knowledge and skills you can acquire through additional courses during undergraduate studies to stand out and secure your chance to present yourself in the best light.