Partnerships that guarantee our students’ success

In order for our students to keep up with the current events, to get a chance to present their work in the most popular halls, to learn from the very best in apprenticeships, and to realize their ideas just like they envisioned them, Faculty of Contemporary Arts enters into partnerships with the most important figures of the art and media scene.

Erasmus +

Erasmus +
As part of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), an EU program supporting the education and advancement of young people in Europe. Currently, the program is providing resources for over 4 million young people enabling them to study, learn, train and gain invaluable experience abroad.
Erasmus+ provides opportunities for people in all age groups, helping them acquire and develop skills in institutions and organizations in different countries. The aim of Erasmus+ is to contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy for growth, jobs, social equity and inclusion.


The Faculty of Contemporary Arts is a full member of GIDE – an international academic group of different faculties of design. This is a great success for one national faculty, and obtaining partner status is also an indicator of the recognition and reputation that our faculty has in the international academic community among European faculties of this kind. Thus, FCA officially became part of the academic community of the most prestigious European faculties of design.

Faculties that are current members of GIDE are the following: Politecnico di Milano, the most prestigious faculty of design in Europe; Thomas More (Mechelen/Antwerp), the largest interior design faculty in Belgium; Universidade da Madeira (Portugal); University of Dundee (Scotland); Faculty of Design (Ljubljana); University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (Lugano); Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain); Faculty of Contemporary Arts (Belgrade).

Belgrade Youth Center

Dom omladine Beograd
Belgrade Youth Center is a Belgrade City cultural and educational institution that has been creating and organizing various youth programs and youth collaboration projects for more than 50 years, since 1964. It includes all artistic disciplines and forms into the scope of its activities: music, cinema, theater, visual arts and new media. Debates and public forums are included and are given the same level of importance, along with various educational programs.
Thanks to the partnership with Belgrade Youth Center, students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have the opportunity to participate in the organization and realization of numerous cultural and artistic events, apply the knowledge they learned and upgrade it with valuable practical skills.

Yugoslav Film Archive Museum

Jugoslovenska kinoteka
Yugoslav Film Archive Museum is the national archival and museum institution for film and cinematography of the Republic of Serbia, with its headquarters in Belgrade. The institution is one of the founders and permanent members of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF). It was founded on August the 5th, 1949.
According to the Cultural Property Law, today, Yugoslav Film Archive Museum belongs to the group of institutions of particular importance for the Republic of Serbia. The institution comprises: Film Archive (these are its central facilities, located in Košutnjak), Musem of Cinematography (Kosovska 11), Library and Directorate.

National Museum Zaječar

National Museum Zaječar
Thanks to the protocol of cooperation between the National Museum Zaječar and the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, FCA students have been given a chance to demonstrate their creativity and talent. They will organize exhibitions, workshops and plays on the Museum premises, and on the archeological sites of Felix Romuliana and Radul Bey’s Konak, thus promoting their faculty in the best possible way.

Gymnasium of Karlovci, Sremski Karlovci

Karlovačka gimnazija
Gymnasium of Karlovci is the oldest gymnasium in Serbia, founded way back in 1791. The school also has its Memorial Library that stores numerous valuable and rare books that had been given to the Gymnasium by many renowned people throughout the centuries.
A lot of Serbia’s finest were students or teachers at this school, several of which are: Pavle Solarić, Dimitrije Davidović, Jovan Sterija Popović, Branko Radičević, Milan Jovanović Batut, Vasa Stajić, Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz, Dejan Medaković, Vida Ognjenović…

School of Design, Belgrade

Škola za dizajn Beograd
The history of the School of Design in Belgrade has been going on for half of century, and is comprised not only of numerous generations of graduated designers in packaging design, graphics, products of industrial textile, programs, plans and lectures but also of all social, political and economic circumstances of the era.
Great teachers, some of them famous and some of them less famous, have been teaching designers of various specialties, always respecting their individuality, giving their best to assist them in finding their own expression. The school continuously perfects its programs and strives to connect them with the real-life needs, both in the sphere of arts and on the market, global and domestic likewise.

Drina Gallery

Galerija Drina
Drina Gallery is a modern art gallery, founded in 2016 in Belgrade. It quickly positioned itself as one of the key places in the cultural life of our urban capital. The gallery strives to connect the worlds that were once disconnected, it wants to link the best from the region to the international art scene.
Drina Gallery supports emerging talents and invites collectors to take the challenge and discover some of the best and most inspiring works of modern art.
This partnership will enable students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts to actively engage in professional art gallery activities. It gives them the opportunity to work with curators and to being preparing themselves for the life of an art professional after graduation.

CHAOS Gallery

Galerija Haos
By its concept, Chaos Gallery is unique on the domestic art scene. This is the space exclusively reserved for drawings, and in its portfolio, it holds the very best names of the drawing art scene, coming from Serbia and the entire world.
Currently, it realizes a long-standing idea of creating the first European museum of drawings. New media requires new ways of thinking about visual arts and the gallery strives to keep with the modern times.
Thanks to this partnership, the students of FCA will be professionally guided through the exhibitions, which will enable them to be constantly directly informed about the current events on the drawing art scene.

Center for the affirmation of free thought


Center for the Affirmation of Free Thought from Sremski Karlovci is an association of individuals whose work is based on self-awareness and critical thinking about social and cultural phenomena, aimed at the development of free thought and creative potential among young people.

As a space open for critique and affirmation, CEZASM deals in organization of public discussions, workshops, panels, seminars, conventions and similar events. Its main project is Days of Free Thought in Sremski Karlovci, which is an international and interdisciplinary student forum, that promotes science, culture and arts through various and mutually interrelated content.

National Museum Smederevska Palanka

Muzej Smederevska Palanka
National Museum Smederevska Palanka has been founded in March, 1966. It is official national museum of the municipality of Smederevska Palanka and Velika Plana. It has two permanent exhibitions: “Serbian Painting 1900–1950” and “Neolithic Settlements in the Jasenica River Valley”.
Complex by its conception, the museum is comprised of departments and collections for history of arts, archaeology, ethnography, history, preservation and restauration, documentation and library. The names listed in the exhibitions – Uroš Predić, Paja Jovanović, Sava Šumanović, Ljuba Ivanović, Beta Vukanović, Lubarda, Konjović, Bijelić and other famous painters of the times – speak for themselves on the value of collections in this Museum.

LekArt edukativni centar

LekArt edukativni centar
LekArt Education Center is a unique institution that enables all, regardless of their age, to express their creativity and realize themselves in some field of art. The idea behind the LekArt Education Center is to help future artists to prepare through programs customized according to their age for the field they want to realize themselves.
Programs of LekArt Education Center are based on education through playing and creative dialogues, with continuous interaction and practice on the stage. That way, instead of merely reproducing learned material, which is typical of classic education, the emphasis is put on the development of skills and capabilities and creative way of thinking.

Whole in one communications

Whole in one


Whole in One Communications is a creative marketing agency that primarily deals in communication and inspiration and education of individuals and companies in the field of creative industries. The fields that this agency covers are: art, media, PR, advertising, production, stage production, TV production and publishing.

The agency has created numerous advertisements for various renowned companies, local and international brands and corporations.

Tehnoart Belgrade

Tehnoart Beograd
Tehnoart Belgrade School for Mechanical Engineering and Craftsmanship is a unique educational institution in Serbia that combines two seemingly incompatible fields – technical engineering and art. The school was founded on the tradition of the then Mechanical Engineering founded in 1962, and today is active on two fields: mechanical engineering and culture, art and public informing, with numerous programs.
The school has received numerous international and national awards, and its students are recognized as highly skilled experts who accomplish exceptional results and have great success at university.

Mikser House

Mikser House

Mikser House presents a new concept of the cultural institution, which connects cultural, educational, and commercial activities in a multifunctional space originating in the creative transformation of an old city warehouse.

Within a very short time, Mikser House earned recognition as a regional design center dedicated to the development and advancement of talent from the region. What makes Mikser House so unique is a broad spectrum of cultural activities – exhibitions, lectures, promotions, concerts, panel discussions, workshops, festivals, theater performances and educational programs, implemented in collaboration with various partners.


Children’s Cultural Center Majdan

Children’s Cultural Center Majdan is an institution founded by City Municipality Savski Venac in 1973 as Pioneer Center.  Ever since then, Majdan has been promoting and nurturing cultural, sports and educational programs by which it encourages children, young people and adults to be creative, use their free time productively and discover the beauty of lifelong learning.
In collaboration with Majdan, students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have the opportunity to participate in numerous art and educational programs, thus upgrading the skills they acquire at the Faculty.

Center for Culture and Arts in Aleksinac


Center for Culture and Arts operates as an independent unit in the area of culture, with special responsibilities. The founder of the Center is the City Hall of Aleksinac.

This institution covers the larger part of cultural needs of the citizens of the Municipality of Aleksinac, acting upon the belief that culture has an enormous power of affecting lives and dictating values, enforcing new standards. With its partners, it acts as an organizer of majority of cultural events in the Municipality of Aleksinac. The majority of the population in the Muncipality of Aleksinac use its services.

FCA drama students have staged their plays in the Center of Culture and Arts in 2017, and the plan is to continue the collaboration in the following years.

Belgrade Festivals Center (CEBEF)

Belgrade Festivals Center is a cultural organization founded by the City of Belgrade, responsible for organizing almost half of the most important permanent cultural events of special importance for the City of Belgrade.
CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals, each with a tradition which spans over decades: Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS; International Film Festival – FEST, Belgrade Summer Festival – BELEF, Belgrade Festival of Documentary and Short Film, better known as Martovski Festival, Sopot Film Festival – SOFEST.
In addition to these festivals, CEBEF also organizes and participates in the realization of numerous important events: Belgrade Days, Eurosong, Universiade in Belgrade, and many others.

Visual Artists Association of Serbia – ULUS


Visual Artists Association of Serbia is the most important artists association in the country. It gathers and professionally organizes more than two thousands members. The association was founded on November 15th in 1919, but in reality, it simply continued with the operations of the first professional Association of Serbian Artists of Fine Arts and Music, that had been officially operative in Belgrade since 1898.

The founding of this craftsmanship organization of visual artists had a strong impact on further development of artistic life in Belgrade and Serbia. After the World War II, the Association became known by its current name – Visual Artists Association of Serbia or, abbreviated in Serbian, ULUS.

In 2017, Students of FCA had their exhibition of the year’s works, and the collaboration has been continued ever since.

Students’ Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS)

Students’ Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS) is the highest representative body of students at Serbian universities, regulated by Article 22 of the Law on Higher Education. SKONUS’s members are student representatives from all the Student Parliaments of the accredited universities in Serbia.
Students’ Conference of Serbian Universities seeks to help students reach their mutual interests by becoming partners in higher education process in Serbia, coordinates work and establishes a common policy of the Student Parliaments of Serbian Universities, and runs other operations stipulated by the law.

National Theater in Belgrade

Narodno pozorište
Students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have the honor and privilege of acting on the stage of National Theater in Belgrade while still in their student days.
Founded in 1869, National Theater in Belgrade is one of the oldest theaters in the region.
With its tradition, it supports the education of new generations of artists and encourages them to build their modernity on the basis of the knowledge and experience that have been settling in within this institution for more than century and a half.

Gallery of the Svetozar Marković University Library

Galerija Univerzitetske biblioteke Svetozar Marković
In order for the students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts to get a chance to present their works of art and realize their art projects while still at the university, we have established a close partnership with Gallery of the Svetozar Marković University Library.
The Gallery of the Art Center represents affirmed artists and the most talented art school students. This helps promote higher education in arts and brings art closer to students of Belgrade University, researchers and scientists who visit the library every day.

Gallery of the Belgrade Fortress

Galerija Tvrđava
Students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have a unique opportunity to realize their art projects and participate in exhibits in the Fortress Gallery, located in the very heart of Belgrade, at Kalemegdan.
In addition to exhibiting their works at the same gallery as the artists who are already well established, students can exhibit their works to the broader public that visits the Belgrade Fortress.
This location has a great importance because it constitutes one of the largest exhibiting space in Serbia, and the works of students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts will be visible to numerous tourists, too.
Students of FCA had their exhibition at the Gallery of the Belgrade Fortress as part of the Long Night of Museums in 2017.

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett
The Leo Burnett company is one of the largest marketing companies in Serbia. This company operates globally and its headquarters are in Chicago.
With more than 120 employees that take care of over 40 multinational, regional and local brands, this company keeps on achieving success after success.
Leo Burnett was the first Serbian marketing agency that received the prestigious Golden Drum award for best advertising agency in the Adriatic Region in 2010.


The McCann Belgrade agency was founded in 1997, with its headquarters in Belgrade. It is a part of one of the leading communication systems of the I&F McCann Group.
Accordingly, it belongs to the McCann Worldgroup, one of the world’s largest agency networks present in more than 180 cities in over 120 world countries.
Thus far, agencies that operate within the I&F McCann Group have won over 170 awards in international, regional and local festivals, including the two most important awards in advertising: Gold and Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Šumatovačka – Center for Fine Arts and Education

Centar za likovno obrazovanje – Šumatovačka
One of the oldest cultural institutions of Belgrade, Šumatovačka – Center of Fine Arts and Education, that prepares numerous young and talented people for entering the world of art, is one of the exceptionally important partners of Faculty of Contemporary Arts.
Faculty of Contemporary Arts and Šumatovačka – Center of Fine Arts and Education share the same goal.
That goal is to form future artists who would create new ideas and progressive works of art in an authentic, responsible and professional manner.

March Festival

Martovski festival
Students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have the opportunity to get familiar with the program, organization and importance of the oldest film festival in the country – Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival.
The popular March Festival is focused on presenting the works of Serbian authors, and in its program, it combines the most current documentary, TV, short feature, animated and experimental films.


KUD Obilic

Cultural association Obilić from Krnjevo, in addition to traditional folk dances that it nurtures and preserves, also possesses a theater that performs on the stages of numerous theaters all over Serbia.

In 2017, the association has established a collaboration with the Portal Theater, founded by Faculty of Contemporary Arts, and drama students staged their plays in front of the audience in Krnjevo.

Zoran Radmilović Theater of Timočka Krajina


Zoran Radmilović Theater of Timočka Krajina is a cultural institution founded in 1947 as a National County Theater. In 1992, it founded the Zoran Radmilović Days, a review of the best stage productions, featuring the prestigious award for acting Zoran’s Moustache.

In 2008, this institution begins operating under the name it has today. In 2009, the first Children’s Theatrical Festival ZajeČAR was organized. Resident actors of the Zoran Radmilović Theater of Timočka Krajina play from four to five premieres a year, with over one hundred repeat performances.

The theater hosts many domestic and international productions, organizes movie screenings and various other cultural events.

In 2017, drama students of FCA have staged the play “To Be or Not To Be” in Zaječar.


Founded in 1991 as the first local marketing agency, IDEA Plus operates on two markets: Serbian and Macedonian.
In addition to that, in 2009 the agency became a member of the Pristop Group, thus confirming its quality.
The agency provides top-quality professional services that it continuously upgrades every day, making them more innovative and original.

Next Game

Next Game
Next Game is composed of a team of exceptional experts in internet marketing and design experienced in working with the most influential clients in the world.
Among its successes so far, the company likes to point out its working with the clients from USA for whom it produces content on a daily basis.

Belgrade Public Aquarium and Tropicarium

Javni akvarijum i tropikarijum Beograd
Belgrade Public Aquarium and Tropicarium is a public aquarium and terrarium located in the Dedinje district, Belgrade. It was founded in 2014 and opened for public in 2016.
The Public Aquarium has numerous species of fish, reptiles and amphibians, including piranhas, chameleons, geckos, starfish and octopi. The content of Public Aquarium is a great opportunity for children to get to know the variety of living fauna, but also for students who can observe various species and explore them and find out all about the conditions they need for living as pets.

Museum of Human Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade

Muzej anatomije čoveka Medicinskog fakulteta u Beogradu
The Museum of Human Anatomy of Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade was organized and modeled after Musée d’Anatomie de Rouvière, located in the Académie de Paris, L’Universite René Descartes. Construction work on the museum was started in 1975, and the museum was officially opened on December the 9th, 1980.
The museum contains 250 exhibits, organized in 27 display cabinets in three connected halls with the total area of 188 m2. Museum of human anatomy serves for postgraduate and doctoral classes of students of medicine and other of other faculties and colleges. The museum is a member of the Association of Belgrade Museums.

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