New concept of arts education at Faculty of Contemporary Arts

We are all witnesses of the world of 21st century rapidly changing, and it requires everyone to change. Many theorists agree that the arts are the only human activity that can mend that world and make it better, more sensible and self-aware. That is why today we need artists more than ever.

Education of future artists thus becomes one of the key issues for modern society. Faculty of Contemporary Arts approaches this subject with full responsibility and awareness of this task’s magnitude. From this responsibility has sprouted a new concept of arts education, unique in this region.

Education and creativity: the only alternative and correction for today’s society

Provided that they educate themselves at the right university, artists can obtain everything they need in order to become the carriers of the spiritual change of our civilization. They can be free to choose their paths in accordance with their ideals, interests and sensibility. Faculty of Contemporary Arts is here to assist them in this.

In addition to that, it is Faculty’s of Contemporary Arts task to encourage and support their students if they come into a state of uncertainty or find themselves at some breaking point in their artistic development or if they experience a creative crisis.

FCA does not only inform their students, they also point out new possibilities and help their students see the opportunities and new chances of realizing their potentials in every challenge they are faced with.

Every student creates in accordance with their artistic personality, imagination and plans

Even with the best of intentions, it can be very easy to narrow down the free spirit of the young people who are taking their first steps in the world of arts. Faculty of Contemporary Arts has developed the methods that prevent putting any form of limitation or constrain on students.

This is achieved by applying a multi-disciplinary approach and by encouraging students to explore various forms of expressions. Not only that this approach enables them to find their true passion, it gives them wide and comprehensive knowledge and it prepares them for the real world.

The focus in on the creative process and everything it entails, and the choice of media now includes the digital sphere, thus opening a new chapter.

We are also aware that art is a profession that cannot be separated from emotion. That is why our students are being prepared for all professional and emotional challenges that await for them. A necessary balance between self-criticism and self-esteem emerges – we are teaching them to be proud of their work, but also to continue working on their never-ending self-improvement. .

These are our goals:

  • Contribute to the creation of significant works of art
  • Provide the highest possible standard of education for students who want to become professional artists
  • Provide the opportunity of creative expression to wider community
  • Encourage a dialogue on practices and principles of higher education in the sphere of arts

Novi koncept obrazovanja

Principles of the new concept of arts education:

  • Development of creative skills, both traditional and modern, for the sake of achieving freedom of expression.
  • Over 24 hours a week of lectures given by professors of various subjects that do not allow the authentic expression of individual to be cast aside.
  • Independence and focus on students.
  • Training students to develop a powerful creative process that enables them to stay true to their artistic vision.
  • Understanding of the art market and the world of professional art making.
  • First-hand experience and knowledge in professional artists’ way of living.
  • Comprehensive program of professional development that permeates through the entire schooling.
  • Limited number of students in order to be able to give full attention to everyone.

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