Dejan Ćirjaković


Dejan Ćirjaković graduated from the Faculty of Contemporary Arts. Jazz is in the blood of this guy from Novi Sad. Although he has his own band, the broader public predominantly knows him as an actor.

He became famous for this role of Boškić in what has by now became a cult TV series: State Job, where he acts alongside his colleagues Dimitrije Banjac and Nikola Škorić. He participated in the creation of several other TV projects and shows like: Night Shift, Greater Serbia and Serbia in Space.

In addition to TV projects and acting, Ćirjaković is active on the music scene, too. In fact, he is a professional musician. He plays drums in the band Tripcycle from Novi Sad. In 2008, the band participated in the first Demofest competition ever, and won the third place. In the last, ninth Demofest, Ćirjaković was a member of judges’ panel.

Goran Stepić

Sports anchorman at RTS

Goran Stepić graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts – today’s Faculty of Contemporary Arts, and his talent was spotted by professionals in Public Media Institution Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

Today, he is one of the youngest sports anchormen at RTS and one of the main members of the sport division at this TV house. Broader audience can often hear his voice commenting water-polo or reading sports news.

Bojan Marović

Star singer with a number of festival awards

A great, talented guy from Montenegro, Bojan Marović, perfected his talent for singing in a pre-college music school and at Faculty of Contemporary Arts at which he graduated cello performance. He also graduated at the Music Academy in Cetinje.

Once he was a promising young boy and today, he is already a famous singer with awards and recognitions from numerous music festivals.

The first time everyone heard about him was in 2002 at Sunčane Skale festival, where he won the first place in the Evening of New Stars, and as soon as the next year he won, singing the song “Tebi je lako” that became a smash hit.

Following his win in Herceg Novi, he became a two-times winner at Ohrid Fest (2004, 2007) and has published several albums.

Marijana Micić

actress and host

Marijana Mićić was born in Belgrade, on 20th of March in 1983. Marijana finished primary school Kralj Petar Prvi and Belgrade’s 11th Gymnasium, following which she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts (today’s Faculty of Contemporary Arts) in Belgrade, under the mentorship of Ivan Bekjarev.

Marijana is most famous for hosting Serbian Big Brother alongside Ana Mihajlovski. Together, Marijana and Ana became famous for their roles in the series Simple Life and also for having hosted the majority of shows produced by the Emotion production house. Marijana left Emotion Production in 2014 and transferred to TV Pink, where she now hosts music talent show for kids Pink’s Little Stars. She acted in several TV shows, and the series Love and Hate has brought her the biggest success thanks to her role of nurse Slavica.

Milica Gacin

Host of Slagalica and editor at RTS

Milica Gacin has been working at Radio Television of Serbia for more than 20 years. In 1995, her career launched when she became the host of Puzzle, after which she transferred to Sunday Afternoon. Milica has been working as a producer in the entertainment program at RTS, and she also produces the fund-raising show Telethon.

Milica is exceptionally proud of her participation in 2016 New Year’s Eve Show at RTS, highly rated among the audience. Milica also assisted in production of Symphony Studio.

Jovana Stević

Star of seried ``Montevideo, God bless you!`` and ``Shadows over Balkan``

Jovana Stević became a drama student when she already had 31 year. However, that did not prevent her becoming a famous TV star. She became well known for her roles in TV series Montevideo, God Bless You! and Shadows over Balkan.

Despite everyone telling her that going to study acting was an irrational decision, Jovana enrolled at FCA as a drama student in the class of professor Vida Ognjenović. And it turned out to be the right choice. Jovana also hosted shows and did some journalistic work, but she really found herself in art production. Jovana also graduated Mass Media Management.

Jovana seized the opportunity to be a part of a major production Montevideo, God Bless You!, which was followed by excellent critic reviews, so she decided to enroll to drama studies and study acting. Jovana is one of the founders of Japanese Serbian Film Festival.

–  It is never too late to have faith in yourself. I enrolled to university to study acting in the class of professor Vida Ognjenović when I was 31, with everyone telling me that wasn’t rational. However, it turned out it was the right and proper choice for me – said Jovana Stević.

Marina Aleksić

Actress and blogger, known as ``Shoemaker's Daughter``

Marina Aleksić graduated acting in the class of Slobodana Šuljagić and was offered her first role when she was 20 years old. Today, Marina is a resident actress at Theater on Terazije. However, she decided to engage into one more branch of art.

Her father was a maker of traditional peasant shoes, and he expanded his business by tailoring, sewing and embroidering national costumes. Marina decided to carry on the tradition, but to do so by putting the production in step with modern technologies.

She transferred the work of her father into virtual world and started writing blog Opančareva kći, using social networks to promote various ways in which national costumes can become modern and trendy and to show how to combine them in order to look stylish.

Aleksandra Manasijević

Actress from the movie ``Guča``

Aleksandra Manasijević grew up in Vranje, where she finished primary, middle school and high school, and where she also had her first onstage appearance, in the Bora Stanković theater. In the beginning, Aleksandra acted in plays for children, but she soon started playing serious roles. Aleksandra became widely known for her role in the movie Guča, which was produced when she was 15. In the movie, Aleksandra plays the leading role of teenager Juliana who is desperately in love with a young Gipsy trumpet-player Romeo.

Having graduated high-school, Aleksandra moves to Belgrade where she enrolls to the Academy of Fine Arts (today’s FCA) to study acting in the class of professor Nebojša Bradić and his assistant Andrej Šepetkovski. While studying, she plays roles in the movie Put ružama posut and in the TV series Folk.

Upon graduation, Aleksandra enters the acting troupe Balkan Novi Pokret, and also forms her own troupe Samteatar, in which she both acts and produces. Her role in the stage production Kallikantzaroi 99 – Antiwar Cabaret has brought her recognition at several international festivals, and the show itself won the best prize among shows from 19 countries at the International Theater Festival in Sharm el Sheik in 2016.

Aleksandra also co-produced the movie Inside, directed by Jelena Marković and Mirko Abrlić. The movie won FIPRESCI award for special contribution to Serbian Independent Art Film at the 43th Fest.

Tatjana Ostojić

Belgrade Fashion Week is her stage

Costume designer Tatjana Ostojić graduated at Faculty of Contemporary Arts at the Department of Costume Design. Her creations were presented at several fashion shows in the country and abroad, and she has been hired as a costume designer on several different projects, including advertisements for numerous corporations such as Telenor.

Already during her study years, Tatjana knew how to put her audience in awe with her unique and bold ideas. In 2014, with her graduation collection, Tatjana made a debut at the Belgrade Fashion Week in 2014, and the same collection was several months later presented in Vienna at the fashion fair MODEPLAST.

Belgrade Fashion Week has continued to serve as the main stage for Tatjana’s creations, and in 2015, she presents the collection Electric Blue Sky. Next year, she wins the awards B Future the Best Young Designer i Textil: The Best Young Designer, and is offered her first solo show.

Tatjana’s work is characterized by inner world of imagination which she, inspired by fashion, expresses through extravagant fashion creations. From the very beginnings of her career, leather is her material of choice. In her last collection NO SIGNAL, Tatjana changes the palette and uses bright and pastel colors. You can view some of Tatjana’s creations here.

Dušica Bijelić

Soprano whose talent has impressed the world

Soprano Dušica Bijelić begun her successful career already during her study years, when she studied singing at Faculty of Contemporary Arts in the class of Ljudmila Gross Popović. After graduation, Dušica continued her professional development at the University of Music in Wienna, where she won a scholarship for the famous Opera Studio of Santa Cecilia in Rome.

In her career so far, Dušica has won multiple awards, both in the country and abroad. Her most recognized accomplishments are: winning the Career Bridges competition in New York, audience award at Wildbad Rossini Festival and first place in the international competition Nikola Cvejić.

By now, Dušica has sang various concerts and operas in Spain, USA, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan and many other countries of the world.

Marko Bastać

President of Belgrade municipality Stari Grad

Marko Bastać was born in 1984. He grew up in Stari Grad, where he now lives. Marko graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts (today’s Faculty of Contemporary Arts) in Belgrade. He gained his professional experience producing TV shows in the production company Emotion from 2006 to 2009, and working in National Gazette from 2009.

He became a city councilman of the Municipality of Stari Grad in 2004, and had spent the next five years spent dealing with the problems in the Municipality. Marko has gotten the chance to put his ideas into practice in 2010, when he became a selectman and initiated several successful projects in Stari Grad. He is married and has two children.

Miloš Petrović

The famous Stavra from ``Shadows over Balkan``

Miloš Petrović graduated acting at Academy of Fine Arts. However, he did not pursue this career but instead had worked in construction. He went to a casting for the movie Skinning directly from a construction site, and won a minor role. That was his first appearance in front of the camera.

When he was about to give up acting for the second time, Dragan Bjelogrlić offered him a role in the TV series Shadows over Balkan. He played Stavra, a pimp, and the role made him famous.

Miloš currently plays in three stage productions of Belgrade Drama Theater: When Pumpkins Blossomed, Oranges for Goodbye and Draga, Jelena, and would love to become a resident actor at Belgrade Drama Theater.

Višnja Popov

Opera singer at Belgrade Philharmonic

Mezzo-soprano Višnja Popov was born on the 4th of December in 1986 in Zrenjanin. Višnja graduated with the degree of Master of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade – today’s Faculty of Contemporary Arts, in the class of Vesna Opsenica, MA. In 2012, she enrolled to fellowship studies of solo singing at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, in the class of professor Nikola Mijailović.

In 2014, Višnja played Fenena in Verdi’s Nabucco, and in 2015 she played Suzuki in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. That same year, she entered the stage as a solo singer in Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem on the main city square in Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh. During 2016, she repeatedly played Madalena in Macedonian National Theater in Skopje, and participated in Opera Festival BELEF in Kapetan-Mišina house in Belgrade. With the Philharmonic Orchestra of Zrenjanin, Višnja sang at Sloboda Square in Zrenjanin. Višnja also participated in Summer program of the International Vocal Arts Institute in New York, where she collaborated with renowned American experts like Ruth Falcon, Joan Dornemann, Mignon Dunn and Hemdi Kfir.

Marija Joković

Student of solo singing who peforms all over the world

Marija Joković studied solo singing at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in the class of professor Ljudmila Gross Popović. Having successfully graduated at Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Marija goes to Vienna where she finishes postgraduate and master studies in the class of professor Gabriela Lehner.

Marija had her first opera onstage performance as a member of Opera Studio at National Theater in Belgrade.

In her career so far, Marija participated in the summer belcanto festival Rossini in Wildbad, which is held in German castle Weikersheim, and in the festival Mecklenburg – Vorpommern. For the past several years, Marija has been intensively engaged in the theater of the Viennese castle Schönbrunn.

Marija achieved numerous successes in the following international competitions: she won the international opera competition Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg in 2012, she won opera competition Junge Oper Schloss Weikersheim in 2011 in Germany, and was in the final tier of the international competition Schlossoper Haldenstein in 2009 in Switzerland.

Željko Aleksić

Head of Maximus Art theater

Željko Aleksić acquired a diploma in acting from the Academy of Fine Arts (today’s FCA) and theater for children was his first love. He signed his first acting contract while still in the studies, and it was a role in a children’s play.

Today, he works as a director of children’s theater Maximus Art and really enjoys his job of preparing stage productions for kids. In his theater, Željko at the same time acts and also provides everything what the theater needs.

Lazar Stojković

Founder of 3 successful European companies

Lazar Stojković is a successful UI and UX designer with over 8 years of experience in designing digital products for various needs of the market. He applied the knowledge he acquired at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts to design interactive prototypes, create UIs for web and mobile applications and write codes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Thanks to his studies at Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Lazar has founded three companies in Europe and currently works on a start-up in San Francisco.

Jelena and Pavle Zafirović

Interior designers with over 100 successful projects

Jelena and Pavle Zafirović graduated at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts with the degree in Interior Design and Furnishing. They acquired their knowledge in the class of the city’s leading architects and designers who taught them all the necessary skills required for a successful career. Today, Jelena and Pavle own their architecture studio ARHARC, specialized in interior design and related construction work.

Success of these two FCA students can be seen in over 100 realized projects and in participating in numerous professional exhibitions and collaborations with leading magazines from the field of architecture and design.

Marko Hinić

Knowledge from Faculty of Contemporary Arts has made my successful career possible

Marko Hinić begun building his successful career in architecture and design right after graduating at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

The knowledge he acquired at FCA gave him the opportunity to successfully collaborate with companies such as Design Studio, Kinnarps Office Design, Casa Office Mobili, Zippro com, Dokmanović and many others.

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Marko obtained qualifications of an expert in interior design, furnishings and graphic design, which enabled him to successfully operate in the USA.

Damjan Stanković

Winner of prestigious international concept design award

Damjan Stanković graduated at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts with a degree in Graphic Design, which is precisely when his successful career took off.

Damjan used his mixture of a creative talent and a mind interested in mechanics to design his most popular product so far – the unique Rhei watch.

The skills and knowledge he obtained at Faculty of Contemporary Arts can be seen in the fact that he won even 5 Red Dot competitions in design and that he has over 10 years of successful experience in the field in which he was educated.

Ivana Ivković

Successful career in New York

Ivana Ivković graduated at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts with a degree in Mass Media Management and Journalism.

The knowledge she obtained while studying at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts has helped her obtain great business opportunities and a chance to travel. Today, Ivana is living her dream in New York.

In addition to working for NY Fashion Week, Ivana often freelances for different projects in international issues of renowned magazines such as Vogue Mexico, Vogue China, D’Scene. You can find out more about Ivana’s successes at this link.