Our values and the way we work

Faculty of Contemporary Arts is firmly founded on the principles of modern education looking into the future. Our age is a product of the history of the past and the promise of the future, which we can create ourselves. To do that, we must understand the logic of our time and the way it came to be. Only then will we be able to govern the mechanism of sculpting our own future and be an example and a logic of a new time. To persevere on our way, we must always be aware of the values that bring us together in order to facilitate the realization of everything that we work for.

For us, being contemporary implies understanding, adjusting and using the moment we live in in a way that is defined by the universal values defined in the past. We do not aim for fashionable and temporary, but for contemporary for the sake of the timeless.

An artist as a visionary

We are pleased to be able to say that FCA constantly works on anticipating and implementing new technologies, but also, on dynamic adjustments and changes to the educational art paradigm. It therefore consistently recognizes and follows digital and educational revolution, knowing that it is the only way that it can provide a program that is truly in step with our time.

We are aware of our responsibility in adjustments and implementations for the future, which keeps coming with greater speed and intensity than ever before in the history of ther world. We embody the idea and the wish to help each individual discover the beginning of their way, in the most modern environment, where art and information technology speak the same language. For us, there is no chasm between the analog and the digital, the beautiful and the good, the old and the new, the stage and the screen, the music and the painting, the tablet and the easel. In our holistic approach, we use creativity that comes from education, as well as creativity in the education itself.

How do we achieve that?

Contemporary output shows that having a good strategy is a requirement for an artist’s survival on the art scene. Our educational offer primarily includes instruction regarding the skill of communication, good organization, comprehensive understanding and application of each element of the production of any creative content, which serve as inspiration and logistics in the immediate creative process.

Encouraging creativity as an axiom

We want to form an environment where we will inspire every student to grow into a creatively conscious being and thread the path of self-knowledge without trepidation. We strive to ensure that the students enjoy discovering exclusivity in all-encompassing diversity in their everyday work; to ensure that an individual in the modern world develop the awareness of the importance of fostering personal affinities, which, alongside with the mastery of creative tools, give everyone a chance to influence, change and perfect the world for themselves, around themselves and the world as such. The modern age of global communications, availability of information and exchange of ideas is the only time available to the individual and therefore the right time for him or her to change the world.

How do we operate?

Education that stimulates divergent thought and provokes creativity is the very thing at the heart of our concept. We stand for deep awareness of a richer conception of human capacities – that all people are creative as such and that every man can be a creator by will, and artist according to personal talent and invested effort. Creativity is proof that we are far better than our usual image of ourselves.

Art is in us; all we need are the tools and a manual in order to let it out.

Carving personal talents as a priority

Our educational standards set us firmly against any sort of suppression of talent and ability. This means that we follow each and every individual, its rhythm, M.O. and personality type. Our goal is to provoke a wider picture, create a richer vision of human ability and nourish human talent, with a deep understanding of the fact that it is expressed differently in each individual.

What is our approach?

Unlike most educational institutions, we recognize the importance of continual personal and professional advancement, which constitutes a prerequisite for a lasting success. We insist on creative thinking, strong analytical skills, need for knowledge and passion for creation. These are the exact qualities which our carefully designed programs and dedicated teachers encourage in a creative student as he or she becomes a successful professional.

We selflessly nourish personal approach to each young colleague, listen to the pulse of the ideas, needs of expression, rhythms of imagination; we explore and recognize successful models of working through studies. We are a collective consciousness that knows that we cannot work the same way with every student, but must make it mutual, cooperative and dedicated; sincere and deeply, fundamentally true.

Interdisciplinarity pushes the art envelope

We are dedicated to advancing the creative output through exploration and creation of new works. We believe that it is important to rely on earlier art experience, whilst striving to shape the creators of the future. On this road, we encourage the students to explore the connections between art and other disciplines and strongly support initiatives that this sort of approach might breed.

How do we solve?

Familiarity with modern technology is a sine qua non of the contemporary art world. Literacy went digital, spoken word went on a visual adventure. Our goal is mastering new technologies solely as a medium of expression. For us, they are a means, not an end. Our means are of our own choosing.

Faculty of Contemporary Arts is a new educational node, the place that provides the right way to liberate and create coexistence, interconnection and networking of individuals, communities, art, technology and new educational social renaissance.

Theory and practice as a solid monolith – for future leaders of the creative industry

When it comes to art, freedom and knowledge have always been interdependent. Freedom is the basis of art, but it is useless if it is not supported by knowledge. This relationship has always been one of strong feedback – confirmed in art practice throughout art history – knowledge is gained solely through personal freedom and creativity. This balance is crucial for the educational approach we nourish at Faculty of Contemporary Arts. It merges theory and practice into a concept that can be defined as “experiencing knowledge”. This synergy breeds new generations of contemporary artists, who will be able to meet the strict requirements of the market and be the leaders of the entirety of the industry of creativity and creative industry.

Our ultimate idea is the creation of a new creative ideology in a society with a creative system and a creative future. That which is creative is always constructive, never destructive. Creativity is life. Life is creative.

How do we succeed?

Each and every day, Faculty of Contemporary Arts gathers knowledge and implements it through practice, into experience. From the same place, we create plays, exhibitions, lectures, promotions, films, discussions; we design, edit, speak, sing, present and show, recite and write, paint and click, look and see, listen and hear… We are all on the same side of the podium, or more precisely, on the podium itself, because the best kind of communication flows in all directions. Students learn from us, we learn from them, and the faculty fantasizes, thinks up, creates and shows, from the passing times, into its own time, for the times ahead.