Professors who are happy to help

You came here to learn and acquire knowledge that will enable you to make art and do your dream job. The professors are there to teach you – everything they know. And in order for it to be possible, they must be fully available to you.

Professors’ availability will definitely be something that will make your studies stand out as a completely different experience. At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, we do not accept the idea that it’s impossible to transfer all knowledge and skills to others. It is possible. Do not let your studies end leaving anything that your teacher knows and can do that has not been transferred to you.

To help you with that, we have introduced the principle of full availability of professors to students.

It is often forgotten that teachers are there for the sake of the students, not the other way around. We remind you of that and our professors will do the same. They have all proven themselves in their areas in many ways and they really have something to teach you. Their achievements and their knowledge are the guarantee of the quality of studies and a bright future in your art career.

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, we create a direct relationship between the professors and the students. It is based on trust, patience and dedication. Only when you notice any barriers between yourselves and the professors do they become fully available. Enjoying such conditions during the studies is a huge advantage. And you are the ones who will enjoy them.

Chat consultations with the professors

Besides the rapport that is established at the lectures, exercises and consultations, with the advantages provided modern tehnology the teachers are always avilable to you, to resolve any dilemma you may have and provide all sorts of help. You can always get in touch with them via email, and there is also the online platform which provides another form of communication 24 hours a day – chat communication with the professors.

This is yet anotyher advantage of studying at the Faculty of Contempory Arts. Chat consultations with the teachers constitute an additional channel for communication with the professors in real time and another option of asking any professor a question and receiving a quick answer.

You also have the option of following the listing of past consultations which can be a valuable source of information in case you have missed a session.

With constantly available professors, you will learn better; achieve more.