The most modern education for visual artists in the region

Duration of undergraduate studies: 4 years (8 semesters)
ECTS credits: 240
Academic title you acquire upon completion: diploma in visual arts
Number of students in class: 12

In the 21st century, visual arts have developed and transcended the boundaries of the media the artist uses for expression. This is why visual arts studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts are dedicated to the individual development of future artists who freely choose their means of expression and the media in which they create.

Whom is the visual arts department intended for?

If you want to develop your talent for visual arts, at this department you can study painting, engraving, as well as photography, street art, conceptual art, performance and body art, illustration and comics, applied arts, design and any are in arts that suits your sensibility.

In other words, the visual arts studies are intended for the students who want to work in visual arts in the broadest possible sense.



At the Visual Arts department, you can choose between four programs:

Digital knowledge for contemporary visual artists


The artists of our time have one characteristic that sets them apart from all the earlier art movements – they create equally in analog and digital formats.

Contemporary technology that progresses more and more every day opens new possibilities and allows them to experiment and be completely different.

This is why they require knowledge of modern technology provided only at the most prestigious faculties, such as Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

Through studying digital subjects such as Informatics for Artists, Computers Skills and Digital Photography, you will have a chance to acquire top skills in the field of modern technology. The courses are designed so that they allow you to freely develop your skills, while teaching you how to use the tools at your disposal in the best possible way and realize your ideas.

Preparation for entrance exam

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can prepare for the entrance exam free of charge and show your talent in the right way at the entrance exam that awaits. You can approach the teachers directly for consultations – make the most of this option. Do not miss an opportunity to receive practical advice and guidance from renowned artists in their fields.

Entrance exam

At the entrance exam, the candidate has 180 minutes to create a charcoal drawing and another 180 minutes for a painting in tempera or acrylic. The topic is still life. The faculty provides the drawing paper and the surface for the painting, whereas the candidates should bring their own drawing and painting materials. “Work map” (portfolio) submission is mandatory.

Duration: 1 day, 360 minutes

Saša Filipović
Ružica Bajić Sinkević
Bajić Sinkević
Branislav Sekulić
Dino Karailo
Jelena Keleuva
Vladimir Jočić
Mihailo Mlinar
Stefan Živković
Petar Đuza
Biljana Velinović
Zoran Todović
Kristinka Selaković
Aleksandra Đorđević
Danijela Vasilijević
Irina Tomić
Uroš Dojčinović
Žana Bojović
Angelina Milosavljević

The teaching at Faculty of Contemporary Arts is based on the principle of active learning and individual approach to each student in relation to their talent, sensibility, openness, temperament and interests.

The early steps in the studies are based on observing a live model, understanding the human anatomy, graphical organization of space, technology of drawing and painting materials and techniques, learning about the development of art and the foundations for understanding the art of an epoch.

Later on, the program encourages students to experiment with form, space and color for the purpose of discovering new possibilities of expression and the authenticity of own work through critical understanding of art, as well as through the practical use of the acquired knowledge and skills in real art projects.

For art subjects, the teaching also includes frequent visits to exhibitions and museums, and the students who are interested can also participate in a professional practice program.

Education for artists who will leave a mark

Masterpieces always speak of the epoch of their creation and deal with important social issues and civilization tendencies. This is why they always remain current.

Because FCA wants your works, too, to find their place in the world’s largest museums or private collections, the education at this faculty lets you gain insight into the current social context through subjects such as Sociology of Culture, Psychology, Pedagogy and Teaching Methodology.

In addition, at these subjects you will acquire the knowledge necessary for work in different cultural institutions.

What can you do when you finish the studies of visual arts?

In addition to becoming an independent artist, upon graduating from this department at Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can do various jobs in the realm of visual arts, according to your preferences.

You will be able to create visual communications in the broadest sense, and upon the completion of master studies, you can become an art teacher and dedicate your time to working with others and transferring your knowledge to new generations.


Besides visual arts, Faculty of Contemporary Arts also offers studies of design, dramatic arts and art creative communications. This constitutes a major advantage for anyone who would like to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge, because you can use elective subjects to advance your knowledge and skills and form a unique blend that will comprise your complex artistic personality.

The subjects in design have great importance in the forming of visual artists, because they provide practical knowledge and skills that can be used in an unlimited number of ways, while knowing how to work in Adobe and Autodesk software enables them to successfully bring any idea to fruition. This is why students at the Visual Arts department acquire digital knowledge, and the students master the skills required for work in Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and others.

Choose the elective subjects that interest you most, such as: Sculpting, Small Drawing, Portfolio, Poster, Informatics for Artists and Set Design, and the teachers will help you to further focus your interests within the area in question during interactive teaching.

Additional skill packages for artists who want more

Besides on working on developing your talent for visual expression, through various organized extracurricular activities, the students of painting can also choose packages of additional courses.

The packages include the courses from the Personal Development Program whose goal is to provide business-oriented skills and 4 additional courses of student’s own choosing. The skills you can master as students of Visual Arts within the package of additional courses include photo and video editing software: Photoshop, 3D Max Modeling, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere itd. You can also learn the fundamentals of web design and learn the basics of HTML and CSS, work in Dreamweaver and many others. See the additional courses you can choose at the Visual Department in addition to the Personal Development Program »

By mastering these skills, you will enrich the abilities you have as an artist, while the knowledge of contemporary technical tools will provide a myriad of new possibilities for expressing your creative ideas.

What next?

Upon the successful completion of the undergraduate studies that last for 4 years and bring 240 ECTS credits, you have an opportunity to continue your academic education and enroll into master studies of Visual Arts – Painting that last 1 year and bring 60 ECTS points, after which you acquire the qualifications required for starting doctoral studies.

After that, at the doctoral studies you can become a complete artist with the highest academic title. You will develop your artistic concepts to the highest level and present them through a written thesis and a doctoral exhibition.

At the road to a successful career in arts, you need to choose quality education, because it will determine whether you will develop all your potential. Do not settle for any compromise – demand the best for yourself. Join the next generation of top artists.

You would like to become an art teacher?

If you need further education in order to become an art teacher at a primary or secondary school, Faculty of Contemporary Arts lets you acquire the knowledge and the diploma it takes.

If you have a diploma from undergraduate studies (180 ECTS credits), you can enroll directly into the fourth year of visual arts, after which you will be able to take your education further and acquire a master’s diploma.

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