Get recognized participating at cultural events

The study program at Faculty of Contemporary Arts includes numerous extracurricular activities like participations at various cultural events.

This way, already during the course of their studies, students have a chance to meet influencers from the field of their interest, to connect with their future colleagues, to present their works to the public and become recognized while still at the university.

Develop your artistic styles in cultural institutions

FCA enters into partnerships with the most prominent players of the art and media scene, and students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have a chance to show their knowledge in National Theater in Belgrade, Gallery of University Library „Svetozar Marković”, Belgrade Fortress Gallery, „Progres” Gallery and other.

Being constantly in touch with culture and arts events gives you numerous major opportunities to present your works in the most popular halls of culture and arts and collaborate with influential people and learn from the great masters of arts.

Build your network

In order to succeed in the art scene, in addition to having quality and authenticity, it is also important to be in touch with what’s happening and to constantly build your network.

Public appearance and participation at various cultural events means regular practice for students at Faculty of Contemporary Arts. Through exhibitions, plays, projects and festival participation, you will gain new experiences and also get into contact with important people from the art scene. This is just another way of opening the doors for yourself in order to succeed in your artistic career.

Art galleries in attractive locations open for your works

Ambitious artists dream about getting a chance to be represented in places where their ideas will be accepted and get the attention of the media.

Thanks to our partners, as a young artist from FCA, you will have a chance of being represented by galleries located in the most visited parts of the city where your works will have the chance of being presented to the largest number of people.

In addition to that, you will be able to present your projects in prestigious culture halls where notable academy-trained artists exhibit their works. Exhibitions will enrich your portfolio, strengthen your network and open the doors for a professional engagement even before you graduate.

The most attractive stage and movie productions

Practice has shown that drama students from Faculty of Contemporary Arts get their first roles while still at the university. Actors from FCA have the chance to master their craft both in avant-garde and classic theater productions and in TV and movie productions.

Participating in theater plays and attractive movie productions, students often come into contact with renowned directors, actors and producers, which enables every young actor to present their talent and craft and become noticed. These contacts are exactly the thing that might have a direct impact on one’s career, in terms of how it develops and where it goes.

Public events organized in cooperation with most influential marketing agencies

Young actors, designers, visual artists and producers will participate in various public events of artistic or cultural nature, and renowned marketing agencies will provide their support to help them attract the attention of the media and gradually build their reputations.

Public appearances are of utmost important for the artist that dreams big. This is the chance to show yourself to others and to present yourself to the art scene in the most creative way.

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