Using creative tools and artistic organization, students learn the concepts, forms and ways of applying creativity. In class, students are introduced to different art disciplines and types of media work; they analyze concepts and phenomena in this area and directly apply their knowledge to society as a whole.

The areas covered by the Creative Communications department are dramatic arts, media (from traditional to digital), sound as a means of expression and an element of the music industry, and the written word.

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What are the goals of Creative Communications?

The goal of the Creative Communications department is to create competent experts for analytical and creative work in culture, art, media, and in the social system as a whole. Upon obtaining your degree, you will be able to design and manage projects.

The Creative Communication department was created with the aim of including creativity in all elements of society, from dramatic arts, through the media, to audio production and music. Its purpose is to train students for work in the creative industry based on the knowledge acquired in the field of dramatic arts, the media, and informative and analytical writing.

The Creative Communications department comprises three programs:

Multimedia Production;
Music Communications;
Applied Media and Content Creation;
Creative Marketing* (in the accreditation process).

If you opt for a program at the Creative Communications department, you will learn how to create ideas and content, and set up, implement, organize, distribute, and promote projects.

About the program

The teaching process at the Creative Communications department lasts four years, i.e. eight semesters, and comprises theoretical and practical classes.

The courses you take will give you everything you need to launch your artistic career during your studies.

This is achieved through theoretical and practical classes, exercises, seminar papers, preliminary exams, as well as through student-mentor interaction, while the students’ effort and results are verified in pre-examination obligations and exams.

The study program comprises compulsory and elective courses, all of which are one-semester courses.

Who is the Creative Communications department intended for?

This department covers a wide range of occupations and the organization and implementation of entire art projects. Depending on whether you prefer production or are interested in music arrangements, or if you have a talent for creative writing and wish to try your hand at content creation or journalism, you can choose between three programs offered by this department. Therefore, it is intended for creative people who want to express themselves in different fields and different types of art projects.

Additional courses for modern creative individuals

In addition to the wide range of knowledge and skills you will acquire at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can choose, completely free of charge, packages of additional courses designed to help you boost your competencies. Additional course packages include the Personal Development Program and 4 additional courses you can choose according to your own preferences and academic program.

Personal Development Program courses enable you to master various business skills. In addition, by attending of one of the three programs at the Creative Communications department you will be able to choose some of the courses that will best complement your production competencies: Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Video Post-Production, Adobe After Effects, Self-Motivation and the Motivation of Others, etc.

Choose the most comprehensive art program that will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start building a career in the creative industry.