Harness your knowledge and become a renown designer

Quality design is all around us – it surrounds us, sometimes even without us noticing it. If you want to create reality on your own terms, and to change it according to your taste, then professional training in design is the right choice for you.

The task of Master Program in Design is to help the student to become highly proficient, to harness their knowledge and upgrade their professional experience. By selecting one of the four available modules, you will be able to reach a highly specialized mastery.


Master dizajn

What is required for enrolling to Master Program in Design

Academic studies of Master Program in Design belong to the field of arts, i.e., the field of applied arts and design. Studies last for two years, i.e., four semesters, with 120 ECTS credits assigned to the entire program. Each semester includes 15 working weeks.

To enroll to Master Program in Design, one has to have the title of designer, i.e., to have finished the basic academic studies in design or some other similar field. Upon finishing the program, students acquire the title Master of Arts in Design.

Who are master studies in design for?

Master studies in design are the best choice for creative people who want to change social reality with their ideas, for those who want to stand out and make their works noticeable. Students of master studies in design have an opportunity to professionally advance themselves, to participate in various public events and to charge more for their services.

The purpose of the practical and theoretic studies is for the students to develop their creative spirit and the ability to create new principles and design procedures according to which they will be able to generate new solutions and find new routes in the context of this field of art.

The entire program approaches design as an activity that surpasses the limits of aesthetic exploration.

Choose one of four modules

Master studies in design have been divided into four modules. The courses in the modules are designed so as to develop general theoretical knowledge, technical knowledge and skills and to throughly specialize the student in the field of their choice. Choose one of our four modules and put your career on the desired course:

What are the goals of Master Studies in Design?

Those that graduate Master Studies in Design at our faculty become a complete expert able to create, apply, modify, transform, adapt and advance artistic concepts in accordance with their needs and the need of a concrete situation and the task itself.

The program was designed to be in a complete accordance with the current trends in design. Todays professional studios and agencies need highly specialized and educated experts who are at the same time able to create now concepts and contextualize their works.

What do you get at Master Studies in Design?

  • Diploma of Master of Arts and 120 ECTS credits.
  • The most popular courses in the field of IT.
  • Opportunity of entering the Serbian, regional or wider market, either as an individual or in a team.
  • Studio and the entire equipment required for learning and working.
  • All the knowledge required for working on the cutting-edge programs for digital drawing and multimedia.
  • Opportunity for collaboration with the most eminent experts from the field of design.
  • Working in small groups.
  • Free consultations.
  • Participation in international projects.