Create innovative products for the whole world

All those products, like toys, packaging design, books and cars that made the world go crazy had to be envisioned and designed by someone. If you happen to be the one who always dreamed of creating products that would become recognizable because you designed them so, then the Master Studies in Product Design is the right choice for you.

Using the knowledge you already have concerning materials, technology and aesthetics, you will learn to create innovative new products for users from all over the world.

Who can enroll at the Master Studies in Product Design?

To enroll to the Master Program in Design, one has to have the title of Bachelor in Design, i.e., has to have finished the basic academic studies in design or some other similar field. Upon finishing the program, students acquire the title of Master of Arts in Design.

The studies last for two years, i.e., four semesters, with 120 ECTS credits assigned to the entire program. Each semester includes 15 working weeks. The curriculum is thus designed so as to include both theoretical and practical subjects, therefore, you will acquire professional experience already during your studies.

Globally recognized Adobe and Autodesk certificates

Studying at FCA provides the students with the opportunity to keep pace with the times and to implement into their art the latest technological achievements and to work in cutting-edge software.

With the knowledge they learned at the faculty, after graduation, students will be able to take exams for globally recognized Autodesk and Adobe certificates, since in the course of their studies, they will acquire knowledge in Autodesk software like AutoCAD and 3ds Max, along with entire Adobe software – all this will enable them to increase their productivity and broaden the scope of their services.

Prestigious Adobe and Autodesk certificates are recognized all around the world and they help people find jobs more easily, both in Serbia and abroad.

Autodesk certificates

  • AutoCAD Certified User/Professional;
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User.

Adobe certificates

  • ACP Visual design using Photoshop;
  • ACP Graphic design & illustration using Adobe Illustrator;
  • ACP Print & digital media publication using Adobe InDesign;
  • ACP Web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • ACP Digital video using Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • ACP Visual effects & motion graphics using Adobe After Effects;
  • ACP Multiplatform animation using Adobe Animate CC.

Get familiar with the entire process – from an idea to a finished product

The curriculum at this program was designed in a pluralistic fashion, all in order for the graduates to be able to say that they are familiar with the entire process of making a product, from the emergence of an idea to its realization. This approach is called pluralistic, in which the finished product is realized through numerous design cultures: design through self-production, production design, design as a catalyst for a positive change, through exploration of possible scenarios and different contextual themes in product development.

This structure provides a platform to students for conceptualize and confirm their ideas, and to make designed objects in order to present, challenge and reevaluate the existing places and products and people’s patterns of behavior.

What is to be acquired at Master Studies in Product Design?

You will learn to work by yourself but also to collaborate with a large number of experts from other fields on common projects. Through individual and team projects that include external partners and mentors, acclaimed designers and design researchers, students have the opportunity to build their own design culture and artistic expression, at the same time, building their portfolio that will position them within a desired professional context.

Graduates of Master Studies in Product Design are creative visionaries whose skills and knowledge enable them to assume leading positions in production teams or to launch their own design studios.

What can one do as a product designer?

Once you graduate in Product Design at Masters Studies at FCA, thanks to your portfolio which you will already possess, having it made in the course of your studies, you will be able to do a truly wide palette of jobs. Product Designer is needed at every level of modern industrial production, because every product, regardless of its function, has to have a concrete appearance.

Professionals in this field of design can find their clients in auto-industry, toys industry, food industry; they can design packaging, books and numerous other categories of products.

Turn your talent into a lucrative business and become a designer who gets all the buzz.