Continue your education in cutting-edge environment

Master studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts constitute the continuation of your education that specializes you further while opening new professional options and business opportunities.

During the undergraduate studies, you acquire a comprehensive education and decide what topics you find most attractive. At master studies, you shape the previously acquired knowledge and leave your own mark on it – you become an indispensable professional in the field.

Choose the program that best suits your interests

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can opt for master studies at Dramatic Arts – Acting, that last two years, or master studies of Visual Arts, that last one year. Upon the completion of the master program, you acquire the academic title of master (second degree of academic studies).

Master studies program
Visual arts60 ESPB10 students
Dramatic arts120 ESPB10 students
Design120 ESPB20 students
Costume Design120 ESPB20 students

Master studies of acting

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ master studies, the students expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in dramatic and audio-visual arts, so that they can independently, creatively, responsibly, critically and professionally approach dramatic arts, as well as teaching and reasearch in the field.

Master studies of visual arts – painting

Master studies of visual arts constitute a continuation of visual artists’ education. The students shape their knowledge, skills, approaches and interests through practical and theoretical work, with a large portion of the one-year studies dedicated to practice dedicated to studying the process of exhibiting work in gallery space, as well as teaching visual arts.

Master studies of design

Master studies of design constitute the continuation of education in the field of design. All artistic and theoretical courses encourage the students to use a creative approach and leave their own creative mark, which allows them to develop their own profile and determine their professional position. This master studies department offers four programs: Interior Design, Visual Communication, Product Design and Art Direction and Concept Art.

Master’s studies in costume design

Master’s studies in Costume Design represent a continuation of education in the fields of Costume Design and Fashion Design. The Master’s study program in Costume Design is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the areas of stage costume and fashion design. The Master’s study program in Costume Design educates highly skilled professionals who, upon completing their studies, will be qualified to create, apply, modify, transform, adapt, and enhance artistic concepts within the realms of fashion design and stage costume design.

What is required for master studies at Faculty of Contemporary Arts?

To start the first year of the master studies, you need a completed first academic degree (completed undergraduate studies) in visual or dramatic arts with the average grade of at least 8.00. If your average grade is lower than 8.00, you can still enroll into the master’s program, through a qualification exam taken at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

The ranking is determined based on applications and formed by the candidates’ average grade at undergraduate studies.

Application deadline is October 16, and the results will be published not later than October 19. The enrollment itself takes place October 20 through 31.

Apply in this registration period because prices are lower

After the entrance exam, the most determined ones, those who apply in this early registration period, will be rewarded by a special discount on the fee.

DepartmentPrice for applications by August 31Full priceIn 12 installments
Dramatic arts49005000408
Visual arts27252800227
Costume Design///
Business Management (in the accreditation process) ///
Creative Communications (in the accreditation process)///

Note: The study program in Costume Design is in the process of accreditation. Upon receiving accreditation and announcing the student enrollment contest, the tuition fee amount will be determined.

* Payment is made in dinars according to the National Bank of Serbia’s selling rate on the day of payment.

Prices for the students from earlier generations are determined in accordance with the price list from the year when the student enrolled into the first year of studies.