FSU – A mixture of art and modern technology

To be progressive and relevant, art must communicate with the reality and the times it is being created in.  We are surrounded with technology that is continuously being advanced further and further, and artists use it as an indispensable tool that helps them achieve the best possible effects and realize their ideas the way they envisioned them and broaden the scope of their artistic effect and the effect of the art itself.

That is why Faculty of Contemporary Arts has developed a unique concept of educating artists who are thus given both traditional know-how and digital skills, which is a necessary combination in order for one to become a universal artist, contemporary in the truest sense of the word.

Future of visual arts is in the digital

Today’s visual artists are not simply painters or sculptors, they are also digital artists and deal with programming, digital graphics and animation, robotics, VR and internet arts, video games, 3D print and biotechnology – all depending on what they want to express.

Digital skills are basic education of everyone who wants to be successful in design. However, the quality of future designers depends on the level in which they are up-to-date with technological innovation and the number of computer programs they know to work in.

That is why FCA provides its student with prestigious knowledge from the field of design, along with the top conditions in which the students can freely achieve their full potential.

A mixture of modern technology and performing arts

Contemporary performing artists must keep up with the aspirations of the 21st century. In addition of having to be technologically literate, already during their studies they should also be trained to work in the conditions that imply various forms of state-of-the-art technology.

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts, students also learn how to act in front of the camera while shooting scenes with special effects, or how to act on stages of the most modern theaters that use the latest technology in their productions.

Digital literacy as a necessary requirement for becoming a successful producer or director

Being proficient in and knowing how to work with the latest technological tools has become an essential part of producers’ and directors’ professional routine.

They have to be in touch with every single detail within the process of making a final product – a movie, tv show, play, exhibition; which implies the necessity of having an advanced knowledge in digital technology.

That is why their studies at Faculty of Contemporary Arts include access to a television production studio, along with the entire equipment used there – all in order to put their knowledge into practice already during studies.

For artists ahead of their times

As you know, throughout the history, famous artists are known for dropping out of universities. That was because these institutions were outdated and rigid, and the artists needed innovation, change, élan and avant-garde.

Faculty of Contemporary Arts is a faculty that no artist would ever drop out from, because it would help them create freely, without any limitations.

Not only that, but this is the only faculty in this region at which you will be given everything you need and more: knowledge from the field of arts and modern technology, along with the freedom to experiment with it, and to present your original ideas without hesitation and with full support from your teachers.

Unique blending of the latest technology and classic artistic techniques

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you will obtain top-quality knowledge in digital technology, but that does not mean forgetting the importance of classic artistic skills that you will also obtain at this faculty. On the contrary – the education you will receive constitutes a carefully balanced system of modern and traditional knowledge that complement each other.

As an artist with authentic expression and sensibility, you will be given a complete freedom to use the tools you need, and FCA is here to provide you with them, and to do so in the best possible environment.

Join the new generation of artists

Seize the chance to get an artistic and digital education you need to become a 21st century artist that will mark their era and be remembered.

Check if there are any free places left and apply.