Modern education with cutting-edge technology in the classroom

Students who want to dedicate their lives to art – the best vocation that implies exploration of human spirit and beauty – also need the best possible conditions to work in. In order to make sure their knowledge and skills are in line with the aspirations of the times, they need technological tools and a modern environment.

Students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts spend they time in a modern environment and use cutting-edge technology in the classroom. Lecture halls, exercise studios and ateliers are equipped so as to evoke the interior design at Google headquarters, and the technology available in this pleasant environment makes studying easier, faster and more interesting and inspirational. This kind of environment encourages young artists to become more productive and thus more successful.

Interactive whiteboards for higher quality of lectures

Individual rooms FCA are equipped with electronic whiteboards, also called interactive whiteboards or smart boards. They make lectures more interactive, dynamic and interesting.

In addition to using documents originating from various programs, mark-ups, zooming and highlighting with the function „spotlight“, teachers and students can also choose whether to save changes which they made during the lecture or keep their presentations in the original state.

You can write, circle and draw on an interactive whiteboard, using special pens or simply with your fingers, and you can also move objects around the board. Everything is put into the service of interactive lecture.

Interaktivna tabla

Amazon Echo for an answer to any question

Today’s latest gadgets can also be applied in arts education. Amazon Echo is a kind of a teaching assistant.

This innovative invention is different from all the others thanks to its unique feature of responsiveness to human voice.

By giving voice commands to this special source of knowledge, students can ask Amazon Echo questions about anything that interests them and recieve answers.

Amazon Echo

Information visualization with Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is an eyeglasses-like device that provides you with a virtual reality experience. Students can use this device while studying, but they can also use this insight into virtual reality in order to make cutting-edge works of art.

Virtual reality is a new type of media that still remains an unexplored territory, both in visual and performing arts. With the entire equipment for creating digital and VR works of art available, FCA students have the opportunity to be among the very first who are using this device for making their art.

Samsung VR

Tablets in the classroom

Students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts participate in classes using the latest tablet devices and iPads, and in addition to that, at their disposal they also have laptops, i.e., Chromebooks.

Using these unique digital notebooks, students can read, explore, write notes and draw sketches.

That way, there are no limits of time or space when it comes to their studies.

Students can access all sources of knowledge and important services from wherever they are and whenever they want to learn something new.


Exploring with Google apps

New sources of knowledge are becoming more accessible and are all around us, but it will remain so only if we use them.

Internet is a dominant channel for exchanging and obtaining new information and knowledge. When it comes to the Internet, usually the first thing that comes to mind is Google and all their services.

That is why at FCA, we use Google apps that open numerous possibilities for our students.

From e-mail, chat service, calendar and shared drive to electronic tests and news from the world of arts, students at Faculty of Contemporary Arts can find anything they need on their tablets or smart phones.

Ebook Central – electronic library

Electronic online library, Ebook Central, that includes more than 700.000 titles in English and Serbian, is just another amenity available to students and teachers at Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

With access available at any time of day or night, knowledge, academic papers, books, scenarios and plays are always at their disposal.

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