Shape your talent through undergraduate, graduate and doctoral contemporary arts studies

You would like to become a renowned artist and make a living doing some of the most beautiful things known to man? Faculty of Contemporary Arts is the right place for you.

Through undergraduate studies, you can shape the way you express yourself at one of 7 departments: Design, Dramatic Arts, Multimedia Production , Visual Arts, Creative Business, Music Communictions or Creative Communications and Content Creation, and you can follow it with master and doctoral studies of dramatic arts, visual arts or design.

An artist’s education is the first and crucial career step: it shapes the talent and gives direction to one’s interests. This is why Faculty of Contemporary Arts has designed a program that fosters the development of a multi-faceted artistic personality, one that acquires reputation and audience while the studies are still underway.

Unique multidisciplinary educational approach than merges art and cutting-edge IT knowledge gives you an opportunity to become an influential artist of the 21st century.

Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ Departments

The studies of visual arts have been created for all of you who have a talent for visual arts.

At this department you will acquire knowledge that you can apply, whether you want to express your creativity the way the great master of classical arts did it or through street art, body art, performance or conceptual art.

Through a blend of acquiring painting skills, developing critical thought and applying modern technology in your works, through your education you will develop into a complete artist who chooses the means of expression according to that which should be expressed.

The Visual Arts department’s program includes undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies.

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This department has been created in order to provide all the education that future film and theater artists need.

During your studies of dramatic arts – acting you will develop your own artistic expression and learn how to adjust it to any character, genre and team you will work with in your acting career.

Through special professional, artistic and theoretical subjects, you will use your voice, body, speech, movement, skills and artistic expression in order to realize your full potential and meet not only the professional requirements, but the requirements of the market, too.

To become an in-demand actor who can play the most varied parts, the program has been designed so that it provides a great number of possibilities.

Among the most important of them is the fact that you will learn to act in English like it’s your mother tongue and thereby start an international career in theater or film. The program of Dramatic Arts – Acting includes undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies.

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If you would like to become a top designer, this the right department for you. Choose one of four programs: Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design or Game Art, and start your creative development.

You have a chance to guide your talent into a direction you like and to focus on different kinds of design such as costume, textile, set design, industrial design or video game design.

During your studies, you will learn how to use programs such as 3ds Max, Photoshop and Illustrator, and realize all your ideas using them, and you will also get a chance to acquire prestigious Adobe and Autodesk certificates.

Studies of design are based on practical work and real projects that will enable you to develop your IT knowledge and prepare you for doing high-paying jobs after the studies.

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If you want a job at one of the leadership positions in culture, but also the possibility to express your creativity through different media, you have a chance to acquire unique education at this multidisciplinary department.

Studying art production and media management, you will acquire a broad range of knowledge which you can focus further according to your own wishes, and after the studies you will be a complete multimedia artist.

You will also acquire practical knowledge in business, communications and marketing, which you will be able to use whichever field you decide upon.

This department’s alumni are now successful directors, producers, editors, culture managers, hosts, writers, dramatists, film and stage artists.

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You are music fan with a talent to boot? The Music Production department helps you create the contemporary music scene. You will become competent for producing musical, as well other audio formats. You will learn how to use sound in audio-visual works, as well as in the media, and to independently recognize, create and launch musical content.

This program educates specialists whose knowledge and abilities meet the requirements of the contemporary music and media scene, as well as future professions that include music editors, music producers, music associates, applied music authors, sound recordists, sound designers, music festival and event producers, managers to bands and music stars, publishers, radio and TV show authors, and depending on talent, applied composers in different genres.

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The creative communications and content creation program teaches you to be equally successful in the realms of the media, marketing and PR; in a word – a multimedia expert in communications.

Studying at this department brings you journalistic, editorial and media knowledge and skills, which form the basis of a new profession: content creation and curation.

If you are interested in the written word, as well as multimedia content, attracted by the prospect public appearances and PR; if you would like to come up with an own concept, TV or radio show, would like to try your hand at modern journalism, this is the right program for you.

It is intended for all who would like to apply their creativity to digital and traditional media realm, in editing own websites, portals, blogs, vlogs, TV shows. It is ideal for people interested in copywriting, who like to write or speak in front of the camera as a PR representative, host, journalist; for all of you who are ready to change the world of triviality and create content that makes a difference.

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You have a good idea for a start-up, but you would like your small business to be something different than the sea of others? Creativity has become one of the crucial parameters that makes a brand or a company recognizable and dominant on the market.

At the Creative Business program, you will learn how to start, maintain and develop a business in a creative way that will be noticed and profitable.

This program is the right choice if you are creative and you would like to apply your creativity on creating a new product or company, or to implement it into existing insitutions and departments of companies from different industries, in order to expand their domain and improve their position on the market.

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Why is Faculty of Contemporary Arts the right choice for you?

Each artist has its signature expression, an own sensibility, character, interests and numerous talents. That’s what makes him special and original. This is why Faculty of Contemporary Arts’ program has been created not to constrain, but to support differences.

The way we achieve this is twofold. First, there’s the multidisciplinarity of the programs through which you transcend the boundaries between different kinds of art. The second is gaining further focus through elective subjects, which allows you to shape your artistic practice any way you want.

In addition, the IT knowledge that you will gain at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts will give you the possibility to experiment and create in the spirit of your own times, so that you can be remembered and influence future generations.

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