Pre-registration for new academic year is open. Apply on time and join us in 2024/25

Whom are we looking for?

We would like to encourage all of you who have recognized a talent inside you and would like to become competent and renowned artists to apply and ensure that you receive the most advanced kind of art education.

To drive a vibrant dynamic when it comes to transferring new skills between teachers and students, we look for diversity among our students. Do not hesitate.


The first step

If you would like to apply for studying at Faculty of Contemporary Arts,
the first step is to choose a department that best suits your interests.


Choose a program

You can view detailed information about our bachelor, master and doctoral studies at the page Programs. Choose the program that best suits your nature and your talents.

If you are not sure what program is best for you, you can count on assistance from our advisors, whom you can reach at +381 (0)11 4011 216.


For the right person, the time to apply is right now

Faculty of Contemporary Arts equally encourages young talent at the very onset of a career in arts and those with experience in art as a hobby to apply and realize their full artistic potential.

On the other hand, already formed dramatic and visual artists can achieve new academic titles.


Free entrance exam preparation

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can prepare for the entrance exam free of charge and thereby allow your talent to fully shine at the exam. You can attend organized preparation or have an unlimited number of consultation sessions with the teachers; make the most of the options. Do not miss the opportunity to receive expert advice and guidance from artists renowned in their fields.

What do you get?

You will adopt practical artistic skills, as well as theoretical knowledge that will help you formulate your own artistic voice and conceive contemporary artistic concept, as well as present your talent to the public in the best possible way.

Also, Faculty of Contemporary arts is the only faculty where you can get comprehensive art education, IT skills and a wide audience during your studies.

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  Absolute guarantee of quality

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can develop your full potential in the best possible way. This is guaranteed by the expertise and experience of our professors and guest teachers, along with their tangible success in the art world.

In addition to successful actors, painters, directors and other influential contemporary artists, you will receive knowledge and skills from IT experts, thereby gaining exquisite competence when it comes to expressing yourself through digital media.

Capacity is limited

Pre-registration for the new generation is open, and the number of places is limited. Check whether there are free places at the department of your choice, seize the opportunity and enroll right away. Below is an overview of current vacancies:

  limited number of places
  Pre-registration is open
   payment in 12 installments
   rich academic package

Pre-registration for new academic year is open. Apply as soon as you can and join us in 2024/25.

The sooner you enroll, the lower the tuition fees. This is how we reward students who show agility and decisiveness.

Department Price for applications by May 31 Total Price In 12 installments
Dramatic Arts 4.600 5.000 383
Visual Arts (Graphic Art, Multimedia, Painting ) 2.783 2.888 232
Design (Graphic design, Game art, Interior Design) 3.771 4.035 314
Fashion Design 2.550 2.710 213
Creative Communications (Multimedia Production, Music Communication, Aplied Media and Content Creation) 2.450 2.700 204
Creative business / / /

* The tuition fee is paid in dinars at the selling rate of NBS on the day of the payment.

The tuition fee for students from previous classes is calculated according to the price list from the year in which the student enrolled into the first academic year.


The Faculty of Contemporary Arts allows students who apply on time to pay the tuition fee in 12 monthly installments.

Apply as soon as possible and enjoy FCA’s special admissions benefits.


FCA’s education package has been tailored to the needs of future artists who will become important actors on the cultural scene. Learn more about the education package »


Fill in and send your application here or call us at: +381 11 4011 216.

The academic advisor will then inform you about the entrance exam schedule and provide you with all the necessary information.