Training and courses by Center for Career Development

CCD – Center for Career Development operates as part of the company LINK group. Its goal is to prepare the students from Faculty of Contemporary Arts for professional development and a safe start for their art careers, to connect them with employers and support them in their acquiring of new knowledge and skills essential in today’s world.

In a word, Center for Career Development helps you choose wisely when it comes to your career.

Free courses and self-improvement coaching

Several times a month, CCD organizes Saturday courses for the development of personal and professional skills that come handy in the business world.

CCD – Center for Career Development

Professional orientation

CCD also provides the service of professional orientation in which you go through tests that result in an expert analysis of your skills, personality, interests and expectations, which will help you in making an informed decision concerning your future profession.

How to find a job?

Through a series of interactive workshops for assisting people who are searching for a job, CCD helps you prepare for the process of being hired and developing your career. Here, a lot of relevant experience will be shared and practical examples given in order to teach you how to prepare for a job interview.

In addition to that, there is also a service that assists the students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts in writing a great curriculum vitae that will single them out among all other job candidates and catch the eye of the employer.

CCD – Center for Career Development

A team of experts to guid you

A team of human resources experts will provide advice and answers to all your questions, all in order to help you reach the best possible decision in regards to your professional development.

Connect with the best employers out there

In coordination with the most renowned companies and cultural institutions, Center for Career Development provides their clients with privileged access to open competitions for jobs and internships, even before these offers become available on the job market.

Acquire work experience

Today, every employer demands practical experience in order to hire you. That is why students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts are given the opportunity to participate in the unique and original LINK Apprentice Program, and acquire work experience, practical knowledge and skills – all that in an international company and real-life business conditions.