Faculty of contemporary arts is a part of University Business Academy in Novi Sad

As one of the leaders in enriching the world of arts and expanding the family of contemporary artists, Faculty of Contemporary Arts is also a part of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad.

Investing in education and the availability of studies and quality education at as many faculties as possible is something every country strives for. To keep up with the standards introduced by the industry and be on par with the countries of the EU and the world, faculties in Serbia are heavily involved in the accreditation process and work on implementing new content, as well as meeting the required criteria and norms in order to provide students with only the best.

Advantages of international cooperation contribute to education and training

This university is the first accredited private university in Vojvodina. It was founded in the year 2000, with the objective to efficiently keep up with the rapid changes in our economy, administration and judiciary system, educate top talent in law and economics, whose knowledge and experience acquired at the faculty will enable them to independently solve the country’s complex economic problems and prepare them for meeting the planned objectives in the economy and the society in general expected in the forthcoming period.

Taking into consideration that any development of an institution is incomplete without well-developed international cooperation, this university is oriented towards establishing and developing cooperation with the business sphere and the institutions and individuals abroad. This approach is consistently implemented at the university’s faculties.

Wide range of career development options at University’s accredited programs

University cooperates with Europe’s higher education institutions on a number of joint projects, thereby ensuring top quality of its activities. Driven by leadership ambition in education and research, as well as contribution to individual development, University also keeps developing its local network of partners and provides a wide and flexible range of top-quality programs through interaction of research and education, always listening to the needs of the environment and the students themselves alike.

Cherished values:

  • Orientation towards the user,
  • Learning and professional development,
  • Quality and excellence,
  • Integrity,
  • Leadership and teamwork,
  • Effective communication,
  • Ethical behavior,
  • Proactive reaction to changes.

Study programs in tune with developing strategic skills requires for advancement

Supporting the students’ free expression is one of the University’s strongholds. This is why its partners include Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

The University nowadays also includes a number of other faculties with accreditations at all three study levels. Ever since its founding, it has been dedicated to improving the quality og the studies, as well as making sure the study programs are in line with the market’s needs and that the programs are always in step with the times, to ensure that they are at least as current as the offer of prestigious foreign universities.

University is accredited by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia and it has a work permit issued by the Provincial Secretariat for Education. University’s study programs were created in accordance with the principles of the Bologna declaration, in step with the current requirements and with the latest scientific achievements. They are implemented by highly competent and renowned professors who have proven themselves in both theory and practice, which guarantees that the students receive knowledge they can successfully activate in their career development.

Learning concept that makes a difference in the future

Quality education is a crucial element for the development of any society that should be based on knowledge, as well as an always valuable resource; investments into education are growing, especially higher education, to make sure that young people have opportunities for advancements just like their peers abroad.

This is why universities increasingly work together to provide their students with comprehensive education in accordance with the highest global standards.

Decision on joining University Business Academy in Novi Sad

University Business Academy in Novi Sad’s certifications

University’s new certificate, regarding ISO 9001:2015.