Users’ privacy

This website has a very simple and clear policy concerning users’ privacy: we do not share users’ personal data or their email addresses with anyone.

Website visitors who subscribe for receiving our notifications can rest assured that their data will be kept safe. Visitors who share their email addresses while in contact with the Faculty of Contemporary Arts will always be asked for permission in case we want to publish their addresses or their messages on our website. Email addresses of people who write to us will not be published unless the user personally allows so.

In addition to that, the visit is by default anonymous, except in cases when the user personally shares their data, for instance, data concerning their name, email address, etc., or in cases in which they personally apply on a part of the website dedicated to viewing the portal for students. Namely, does not use any of the software that might forcefully and without user’s consent access personal data from their personal computer.

We store users’ data carefully

When the user uses a section of the website dedicated to their account settings, they can leave their email address for the purposes of changing the login password. We carefully safeguard all user data stored on this website, which applies to email addresses, too.

Our policy towards users’ personal information is very clear: we do not sell, lend, share or display users’ personal information to any party, which also applies to email address. We are also investing a lot of effort to provide maximum security and ensure top safety to information we receive from each and every user.

Browser cookies

When you visit our website, we will store cookies on your computer in order to facilitate and customize our website user experience for you.

What is a cookie? Cookie is a small text file that our website stores on the hard disk of your computer (if your browser allows it) and later downloads it in order to identify you. Cookies facilitate the use of Internet pages and help websites to function better. Naturally, you can always block our cookies if your browser has that option, however, if you do that, our website will fail to recognize your computer and you might not be granted access to all parts of the website.

We also advertise on other websites in partnership with independent advertising networks. As part of their service, they send specific cookies to your computer. We will not share your identification data or information about the online courses you apply to with any independent advertising server. In a collaboration with independent advertising server, we will collect and use information about you that is not part of your personal identification data but concerns the information about your IP address, browser type, server you are connected to, your server’s area and zip code and whether you responded to an ad or not. A third party might use cookies for ad serving.

Marketing. We do not lend, sell or share your personal information with other people or unknown companies for marketing purposes (including the purposes of direct marketing) without your consent. We might use and share data that does not belong to your personal information for our marketing purposes, including our own marketing on other websites, without limitations. For example, we might use information in order to control the number of ad displays, to send advertisements tailored according to your interests and to measure the impact of a marketing campaign. Deleting our cookies might prevent us to customize, according to your needs, our advertisements on other websites.

User protection

For the purposes of protecting the visitors of website, we retain the right to investigate, report and pursue legal action within the maximum legally allowed measure against any abuse of the website.

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