The duration of undergraduate studies: 4 years (8 semesters)
ECTS: 240
Academic title you acquire upon completion: diploma in modern business management
Number of students in class: 30

How you ever wonder about the diplomas of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others like them, the most successful people of the contemporary era? We have!!!

And when we realized that there is no single place that offers the right formula for creative thinking and an equally creative approach to business, we have created this study program! If you have many ideas for starting your own business or would like to manage a business in a different, more creative way, but lack knowledge and skills to it the right way – you have come to the right place!

Creative Business is Faculty of Modern Arts’ program that will teach you have to turn your idea into business and make money.

Today, a manager is not only someone who knows how to organize systems and lead them, but also someone who knows how to do market research, conceive and create a brand, make plans and strategies, design, market, promote and sell an idea.

Creativity has become one of the most important parameters that makes a brand or company recognizable and dominant on the market, so an increasing number of employers are looking for those who will deal with the entire art direction in the system.

Studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts combine the use of modern technology and practices that introduce the students into the world of business, management, marketing, media, production, contemporary business trends, and simply teach a creative approach to solving all business problems and challenges, as well as satisfying or creating human needs in the modern world…

Whom is the Creative Business program intended for?

Creative business is intended for everyone who would like to start or advance your own brand or company or to implement a creative approach in a sector of the institution, international company or private firm where you work!

Are you already recycling, driving an electric car or scooter…? Have you ever used a 3D printer? 3D-printed food, perhaps? You are using solar energy? Surely you at least keep data in a cloud or use digital signature? The world is changing unstoppably, so you should change, too – in time.

We can help you do it, thanks to our education system that has already changed, adjusting to the needs of the modern society, and which oriented towards the future – a sustainable one.

Faculty of Contemporary Arts educates future directors of own company or creative directors of international brands, marketing experts, art directors, directors of consulting agencies, managers, advisors and experts in business…

Upon completion of the Creative Business study program, you become specialists whose knowledge and skills match the requirements of the modern market and the references of global business and brands.

Your professors are experienced professionals who have already implemented their business knowledge and skills in practice. Most of them have proven themselves in the world of creative business in international companies, and they are willing to generously share all their knowledge and know-how, practice and experience, with you, for the purposes of creating a better, more successful global society. It’s no longer crucial where you were born and where you live – digitalization has provided equal opportunities for all, yourself included, and your professors are the ones who can help you recognize those chances and opportunities. They are quite dedicated and always available to help you develop your ideas in the right direction.

Preparation for the entrance exam

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can prepare for the entrance exam free of charge so that you can show your talent in the right way at the exam ahead. You have an unlimited number of consultations with the teachers at your disposal – make the most of them. Don’t miss a chance to get expert advice and guidance from renowned professionals or artists in their area.

Entrance exam

General knowledge test and essay on a given topic related to the key area of future studies.

Duration: 1 day, 2 classes (periods)

Petar Stanojlović
Miloš Babić
Nebojša Dugalić
Aleksandra Đorđević
Zoran Branković
Popović Šević
Davor Bosankić
Dušica Filipović
Tijana Popović
Nenad Ilić
Irina Tomić
Zorica Lola

Turn your job into a hobby! Or vice versa! 

At the Creative Business study program you will acquire knowledge from different areas such as management, marketing, leadership, marketing campaign, startup management, event production and event management, PR, storytelling and storyliving, circular economy.

Through this program you will learn to perceive global trends, analyze the market, conceive your own brand, come up with visual identity, slogans, ads, make budget and media plan, promote your business, sell and make money.

You will learn how to conceive and organize events, create promotional corporate materials, video materials, write complete business projects, buy media slots for promotion, present you product or company on the market or in the public. 

You will learn how to become the influencers of modern business, because each of us has the power to create a brand!

How to become a successful creative manager?

The teaching at Creative Business takes place through lectures, exercises, colloquiums, tests and individual seminar projects, with the emphasis on practical work. The simulations of business environment and business challenges, along with analyzing the case studies of the most successful companies and brands, constitutes the very essence and point of practical activities.

The study program includes 48 subjects, 40 mandatory and 8 elective from the list of 16 elective subjects. Each subject at this study program lasts one semester.

The following of students’ activities and the marks are expressed in points.
The subjects are divided into mandatory and elective, which allows additional professional development in the area of creative business and management.

What next?

Have you heard a name of a profession which you were unaware of nor did you know what it its lately? Futurist, perhaps? It’ not a prophet in any trivial or magical sense of the world, but a true analyst of the future economic, business, brand… trends!

It is one of the highest-paid professions in America today… Contemporary society and business create contemporary professions! The only common foundation for all of them is – creative thinking (which we have turned into creative business). Upon the completion if your studies, if we look at just a portion of the positions known now, you can work as:

  • creative director of an own brand;
  • CEO,
  • manager;
  • marketing or colsunting agency director;
  • a manager at any company / institution / media outlet that needs a person in charge of corporate identity design and management;
  • marketing asdvisor;
  • storyteller;
  • PR;
  • event manager…

Many of these positions can offer flexible working hours. The job of a creative director is challenging, dynamic and requires communication skills, analytical skills and even intuition, as well as effort and continued work which, along with formal education, leads to success.

The number of students at a class is limited, for the purposes of dedicating equal attention to each student in his or her individual work, consultations, motivation, as well as recognizing and developing the personal potentials of all individuals.

Additional course packages for the creatives in business

Besides the wealth of contemporary knowledge and skills you will acquire during your studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can choose, entirely free of charge, additional course packages and thereby enrich your competencies.

The packages of additional courses include the Personal Development program and four additional courses, which you choose in accordance with your own preferences and the department of your choice.

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