Learn how to direct art

An art project is a complex whole – it usually involves a large group of experts, and someone needs to manage them and direct the project. If you want to learn how to direct art and assume the leading position in a team that creates projects of the future, or to learn how to work in conceptual arts, creating image and visual identity of movies and video-games, then the Master Studies in Art Direction and Concept Art are the right place for you.

Learn to push the limits of art, to create projects that will be remembered; keep in step with the times in your creations and use the latest technology for your expression.

What is art direction?

In a nutshell, art direction is the path from idea to its presentation. A successful art director is able to supervise the entire process of making a visual concept, combining classic and modern technology in order to find the best possible way of presenting a project.

Art direction is exactly what it says  – directing of art. The idea may come from anyone within the team, but it is the art director’s job to visualize it and to bring it to the next level.

What is concept art?

Concept art implies the creation of imagery and visual identity of various art forms in visual media and live features like movies, video-games, TV shows, public events, etc.

Concept art enables you to create new worlds, to give them shape, form, character and appearance – it leads you into the creation of a wholesome picture that includes design of environment, characters, costumes, scenery and architectural context and much more.

Concept art is the starting point and at the same time the key point of creating the work of art which we, as users, perceive as a movie or a video-game.

Renowned and internationally recognized Adobe and Autodesk certificates

Studying at FCA means a modern concept of education. The curriculum has been thus designed so as to keep pace with the times and the development of the modern society. In the course of the studies and while working on projects, students use the cutting-edge technology that is always at their disposal, completely free-of-charge.

With the knowledge they learned at the faculty, after graduation, students will be able to take exams for globally recognized Autodesk and Adobe certificates, since in the course of their studies, they will acquire knowledge in Autodesk software like AutoCAD and 3ds Max, along with entire Adobe software – all this will enable them to increase their productivity and broaden the scope of their services.

Prestigious Adobe and Autodesk certificates are recognized all around the world and they help people find jobs more easily, both in Serbia and abroad.


Autodesk certificates

  • AutoCAD Certified User/Professional;
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User.

Adobe certificates

  • ACP Visual design using Photoshop;
  • ACP Graphic design & illustration using Adobe Illustrator;
  • ACP Print & digital media publication using Adobe InDesign;
  • ACP Web authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • ACP Digital video using Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • ACP Visual effects & motion graphics using Adobe After Effects;
  • ACP Multiplatform animation using Adobe Animate CC.

What are the goals of this program?

The goals of this Master Studies are twofold: first of all, to educate individuals able to form and realize concept, and then, to enable them to manage the entire visual identity of a medium.

This takes course on two levels – in education of future managers, i.e. art directors able to form new concepts and lead them to final realization, going through all the necessary phases within larger teams required for this realization to happen.

The second level is education of concept artists, the artists capable to combine various approaches and spheres of visual identity of a medium (a movie, TV show or video-game) and to incorporate them into a comprehensive final product.

Who can enroll at the Master Studies in Art Direction and Concept Art?

Master Academic Studies in Design belong to the field of Arts, i.e. Applied Arts and Design. The Master Studies in Art Direction and Concept Art are part of Master Studies in Design, and the studies last for two years, i.e., four semesters, with 120 ECTS credits assigned to the entire program. Each semester includes 15 working weeks.

To enroll at the Master Studies in Art Direction and Concept Art, one has to have the title of Bachelor in Design, i.e., has to have finished the basic academic studies in design or some other similar field. Upon finishing the program, the student will acquire the title of Master of Arts in Design.

What can one do as an art director?

Educated art directors are positioned very well on the job market. You will be able to choose the field in which to realize your full creative potential and work on the visual imagery.

Art directors can work in creative teams of various advertising agencies, design studios, in TV and movie art industry, music industry, publishing and for any company that needs designing of its corporate identity.

Concept art can be applied in the broadest scope of projects, from traditional stage productions to modern and fast-developing video-game industry. Naturally, extremely popular and increasingly complex modern projects from the film industry cannot be imagined without a quality concept art.

Find your spot in the artistic scene of design.