FCA's 9 golden principles

We insist on our mission and hold our principles dear for your sake

Faculty of Contemporary Arts is always aware of its mission  we foster our students’ critical minds and we strive to make sure they become contemporary artists of the 21st century, ready to face all the challenges of the modern world.

We are focused on developing all your potential through innovative teaching methods. We want you to be leaders in the development of innovative solution for today’s most complex challenges.

Our entire approach is driven by NINE GUIDING PRINCIPLES, which we strictly adhere to, because we try to make each of them emphasize what we stand for. We would like to make these principles your M.O., too.



Always be different
FCA is unique, just like each of you is. We are not like other faculties. We have adopted teaching methods that help us inspire you to never settle for the existing circumstances; to refuse to accept the status quo. We question conventional thinking; we support new approaches in art.

Our programs are based on a unique blend of art and technology. We never do things just because others do it that way. By blending the traditional and the contemporary, we develop different, more efficient solutions.



accept different perspectives
Curiosity, cosmopolitanism and constant questioning constitute our mission. We would like it to be yours, too. We would like you to embrace the energy and the complexity of the world, striving to understand different cultures we live in.

Make connections through respectful relationships  connections that are personal. Celebrating the power of different perspectives, strive to promote mutual understanding and common ideas. Live your life fully free, but with full responsibility towards others’ freedom.



Do not let failure scare you
We take responsible risks and make well thought out decisions without fear of failure. We would like courage and determination to be your main characteristics as future artists. You will learn to approach challenges straight on; to work through any obstacles you encounter.

We have a clear vision of the future and every step we take resonates with our vision of 21st century art. We want you to create with clear intent and strong reasoning, as well as full awareness that self-confidence does not imply conceit and arrogance.



never settle for superficial thinking
We continually analyze, evaluate and question, insisting on depth and multidimensionality. We look for things that others do not see, including details and information that add nuance and levels of interest that should transcend the obvious. We are careful when it comes to our own opinions; we initiate discussion and debate, respecting our opponents’ dignity and treating them with respect.

We never accept superficial thinking or lack of responsibility and we expect the same level of depth and questioning from you, our students.



Become a part of the art elite
We are prestigious, demanding and rigorous. We want to attract the best talent in the region. We focus our time and attention to people, institutions and initiatives that are of greatest importance to our shared success. We carefully consider what we are offering to the world, because we want our end result to be high quality with clear intent.

We are not for everyone, but we are not elitist, either.



You need to be recognizable
We communicate openly and sincerely, expressing authentic emotions, and we ask you to do the same. We embrace dialogue with no caveats, even when it comes to topics that are sensitive or controversial.

We want you to create art that conveys sincere messages. Avoid anything that is artificial, fake, forced and overstated, because hyperbole breeds doubt and eats at credibility. We want you to be original, authentic and contemporary. In a word, recognizable.



Always strive for excellence
We are ambitious. We always make extra effort to tranced the mundane. We look for opportunities for improvement. We always strive for the maximum and we realize our full potential through working hard to ensure everything is top-level.

We want to teach you never to settle for something that is “good enough”. If we cannot achieve excellence, we will seek a different route.



Always be willing to improve yourself
We are motivated to improve. We always strive toward focusing on work; going one step further and wanting to make an extra step on top of it.

We want you never to lack motivation to improve, to keep trying to make the best work of art. Only this way will you be pleased with your achievements and always try to be new, recognizable, your own authentic selves.



Be prepared to meet different requirements
We are versatile. We follow art trends and try to keep in step. We want to create in the modern world, in a way that is in step with the current art trends.

We want you to be artists of the future. To become contemporary artists, capable of artistic expression through different media and meeting multidisciplinary requirements.

If this is your world, too, we would like to share it with you; to create a new art scene together.

Our vision is clear – we help you to become an artist of the new era and develop your talent into a career you deserve.

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