International Cooperation

Through a dynamic and internationally-oriented teaching process, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts merges cross-cultural flows and opens new perspectives for its students. In these times of accelerated globalization, internationalization becomes an inseparable part of development in any domain of human activity. Through its activities, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts promotes the idea of a global artistic and scientific community.

The International Cooperation Department at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts is dedicated to strengthening strategic cooperation in research and art, and supporting mobility among the students, professors and the faculty. By developing international relations, we aim to deliver excellence in education, develop creativity and new visions among the students, and connect artistic practice, knowledge, culture, society and technology. Our mission is to build bridges across the world that will enforce mutual growth through the exchange of experiences, scientific approaches and artistic expressions on a global level.



International Cooperation Office:

Faculty of Contemporary Arts
Svetozara Miletića 12
11108 Belgrade, Serbia



Professor Dragan Ćalović, PhD

Vice Dean for International Coopeation