Make your dreams come true and become an artist of the new era

Education of the artists whose creations will have the power to change the world is one of the main missions of Faculty of Contemporary Arts. FCA realizes this goal by means of its innovative approach to teaching and its top experts that transfer their knowledge to students using the best possible methods, encouraging them to push their own limits, over and over again.

Faculty of Contemporary Arts is distinguished because of its specific method of artistic education, which prepares you for a successful career in arts. Studying at FCA gives you an opportunity to obtain the most current knowledge that will qualify you to become modern artists of the 21st century.

The curriculum, as well as the teachers’ unique approaches, will enable you to simultaneously master traditional artistic skills and to become well acquainted with modern technology that has a growing impact on today’s arts and all other spheres of life.

Modern study program

Study program at Faculty of Contemporary Arts has been designed to offer its students, in addition to the widest possible extent of knowledge from the world of arts, modern IT skills, too. Such mixture of skills and mastery enables you to pursue new and interesting endeavors that imply knowledge in graphic design, computer animation, 3D print, etc.

Thanks to this study program that offers a combination of artistic and technological knowledge, we breed artists of the new era, who are ready to push the limits further in the area of their artistic expertise. Studying at Faculty of Contemporary Arts will equip you with knowledge of every advanced technology one can think of and which can be used for creating various forms of works of art.

Open new horizons with the help of proven teachers

Experienced experts will share with you practical knowledge and useful skills from their area of expertise which will help you in your growth as a critical thinker and an artist in your own right. Various creative techniques that you are going to adopt during your studies at FCA will enable you to achieve unlimited creative abilities, which you will be able to apply in any form of art you choose.

At Faculty of Contemporary Arts, teachers are always available and ready to provide answers to any question from their students, helping them in their academic journey throughout the entire educational process. With the experience from eminent professors and the knowledge they obtained during their long and successful careers, future artist will obtain all the skills they need in order to make their dreams come true.

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