Education in all areas of art and media production

Duration of undergraduate studies: 4 years (8 semesters)
ECTS credits: 240
Academic title acquired upon completion of the studies: diploma in multimedia production
Number of students in class: 60

A producer is a person who has all the power when it comes to initiating a creative project, and the path from idea to realization depends on his choices.

Studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts combine the use of modern technologies and practice that introduce the students into the world of film, theater, television, radio and other media and art projects.

A producer should be someone who not only understands the process of creation of a work of art, but also someone who is ready to start an own business in the era of limited capital and the weakening of big institutions.

This is why FCA has created a program where you will learn how to understand and analyze art, as well as how to use your creativity and your talents. You have a chance to master the skills you need in all the phases of creating a work of art and launching it into the world. Make the most of it!

Whom is the Multimedia Production Department intended for?

If you are interested in the production and realization of art content, work with actors, directors, screenwriters, editors and other professionals from the theater, film and media world, then Multimedia Production department is the right department for you.

This department is also an excellent choice if you cannot decide upon a single realm of art, but would like to acquire a comprehensive education that will enable you to become o versatile and complete artist in multimedia and drama and be the one that takes care of ambitious art projects.

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts educates future specialists whose knowledge and abilities meet the requirements of the modern art and media scene.

The great dedication of experiences professionals provides the students with crucial knowledge and the mastering of the theory and practice on the realm of management, as well as enabling the students for independent and creative research.

Preparation for entrance exam

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can prepare for the entrance examination free of charge to ensure that your talent shines in the best light at the exam itself. You have at your disposal an unlimited number of consultations with the teachers; make the most of them. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive expert advice and guidance from artists renowned in their field.

Entrance exam

General knowledge test and essay on a given topic.

Duration: 1 day, 2 school periods

Aleksandra Paladin
Miloš Babić
Ivan Lalić
Silvana Grujić
Nebojša Dugalić
Zoran Branković
Davor Bosankić
Tijana Popović
Ljubinko Goridić
Zdravko Maljković
Anita Todorović
Andrea Ratković
Ilija Babić
Maja Vukadinović
Nenad Ilić
Aleksandra Đorđević
Gojko Despotović
Irina Tomić
Sofija Perović
Velimir Dedić
Danijela Vasilijević
Angelina Milosavljević
Kristinka Selaković
Žana Bojović

The set of knowledge from the fields of humanities / social sciences and the arts provides the necessary theoretical background which is upgraded with practical knowledge to yield the ideal combination for the making of a successful producer.

The Art Production and Media Management program has been implemented since 1997/98, always keeping in step with the leading art schools in the art production and management realm.

The nature of the teaching process is interactive; from the very first year, the professors at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts let their students witness many filming projects and other relevant projects, so that they are directly introduced to the way creative industries work from the early days.

You are the one that creates the scene

Your vision creates the future media and art scene.

The content of the study program encompasses subjects and courses in such diverse areas as management and business, IT, cultural studies and communications, and the science of dramatic and audio-visual arts.

A producer is a person who works with different professions and “pulls all the strings”, so that knowledge from all these areas is necessary for the successful organization, management and realization of projects.

Now you can bring your ideas to life through a media channel of your choice and the mentorship of preeminent professors, and given the foreign language courses and the participation in international workshops, there is no reasons why your works should not go global.

Synergy of digital skills and practice on TV

Today’s production is inconceivable without the use of innovative information technology.
Contemporary media practices have become a widely accepted phenomenon, that opens the door to the creation of innovative content.

Faculty of contemporary arts lets you work with state-of-the-art technology and software that will ensure that the entire process in the project, from preproduction to postproduction, will be realized in accordance with international standards.

The required digital knowledge includes work with databases, tables, various organizational systems, creating filming dailies, as well as acquiring practical knowledge at the first educational television – eduTV, where you will have a chance to turn your creativity into practice.

eduTV is the first educational television in the entire region. Its twelve channels constitute the generator of knowledge from the areas of marketing, design, business, IT, etc.

The great experience of the experts who work at this enterprise will provide you with all the conditions you need in order to manage a successful production.

In the beginning, you will become familiar with all equipment required for shooting, such as professional cameras, lighting, different kinds of microphones, as well as the crew involved in the shooting.

Once the material is filmed, your practice continues in postproduction, where you will become acquainted with editing and the process of audio and video processing of the recorded material using state-of-the-art technology.

How to become a successful multimedia producer?

Reaching at the Multimedia Production department takes place through lectures, exercises, colloquiums, tests and individual seminary projects, with the emphasis on practical work.

The study program encompasses 35 exams, 27 of which are mandatory and 8 elective, from the list of 16 subjects and one vocational practice subject. All subjects at this study program last one semester.

The monitoring of students’ activities and the grading of their work are expressed in points (credits).
The fact that the subjects are divided into mandatory and elective ones enables you to pursue your professional development in the area of production that interests you the most.

What next?

Upon the completion of your studies, you can work as:

  • Producer within the institutions of film, television, theater, radio and other stage and media enterprises;
  • Independent producer in film, television, theater, radio and other stage and media enterprises;
  • Author and manager of dramatic, media and general artistic content;
  • Producer of musical events and festivals;
  • Media consultant;
  • Creator and manager of various commercial, political and social campaigns;
  • Carrier and leader of a system of cultural institutions;
  • Copywriter, art director at various advertising agencies;
  • Drama and media critic and analyst;
  • Part of professional non-academic functions in the realm of dramatic arts and media (prompter, assistant director, set secretary…).

Depending on the position of your future employment, your working hours can be flexible. The job of a producer is creative, challenging, dynamic and it requires communication skills, dedication and continual work which, combined with formal education, leads to success.

In the last few years, the demand for these professions has been on the rise, and the art market is always in search of innovative projects.

The number of students in the class has been determined with the goal of dedicating equal attention to each student in the form of individual work and consultations.

Additional course packages for the producers of the 21st century


Besides the versatile contemporary knowledge and skills you will acquire during your studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can also choose, completely free of charge, packages of additional courses, and thereby enrich your competencies. Packages of additional courses include the Personal Development Program and 4 additional courses, which you choose in accordance with your own preferences and the department of your choice.

Through the courses included in the Personal Development Program you can master a multitude of business skills, and additionally, as a student of the Art Production and Media Management department, you can choose some of the following courses which will upgrade your production competencies in the best possible way: Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Video-Postproduction, Adobe After Effects, self-motivation and motivation of others, etc.

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