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The Masters’s study program Costume Design is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the fields of stage costume and fashion design.

The Costume Design program trains students to become professionals capable of creating, applying, modifying, transforming, adapting, and enhancing artistic concepts in the areas of fashion design and stage costume. Through theoretical and practical instruction, students develop their creative spirit and abilities to create new principles and methods of costume and fashion design, which then enables them to generate new solutions and pave the way in the context of their chosen artistic field.

The entire study program emphasizes a creative approach that goes beyond aesthetic exploration and forms a highly educated workforce capable of thinking, developing, presenting, and implementing new ideas within a broader social, and even global, context. The Master’s study program Costume Design lasts four semesters and carries 120 ECTS credits.


The Master’s study program Costume Design is intended for students with completed undergraduate academic studies in the same or related fields who are interested in advancing their knowledge to a higher level and pursuing a career in fashion design and stage costume.


Consultations with candidates, in collaboration with the enrollment center, are conducted with Costume Design professors via email.


Enrollment of students in the first year of the Master’s study program Costume Design is based on their performance during their undergraduate academic studies and an assessment of their knowledge, aptitude, and abilities in the entrance exam.

The entrance exam takes two days, and candidates apply for one of the offered elective fields.

  • On the first day, candidates submit a portfolio with a maximum of ten works of which they are the authors or co-authors. All works in the field of applied arts are considered relevant, and the quality of the portfolio is evaluated by the relevant Commission in the context of the specific elective field the candidates are applying for.
  • The second day of the entrance exam consists of an interview conducted by the Commission.

The entrance exam is conducted in three stages: submission of student documentation, portfolio submission, and interview.

The scoring system for the admission process is as follows: performance in undergraduate academic studies – 40 points; portfolio quality – 40 points; interview with the Commission – 20 points.

The maximum score a candidate can achieve is 100, and the passing threshold for the entrance exam is 55 points. The number of points awarded for each criterion is published in the application documentation.

In addition to the mentioned documentation, the entrance exam is also conducted in accordance with relevant FCA documentation.

Prestigious Adobe and Autodesk certificates

Education at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts is designed so that upon graduation, students are equipped to obtain prestigious world certificates in design, such as Adobe and Autodesk certificates.

To be successful as an interior designer, knowledge of Autodesk programs like AutoCAD and 3ds Max is essential, while proficiency in Adobe software enhances your productivity.

Autodesk certification

  • AutoCAD Certified User/Professional
  • Autodesk 3ds Max Certified User

Adobe certification

  • ACP Visual Design using Photoshop
  • ACP Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
  • ACP Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign
  • ACP Web Authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • ACP Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • ACP Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects
  • ACP Multiplatform Animation using Adobe Animate CC


  • Becoming capable of independently creating projects in the field of costume and fashion design.
  • Independent or teamwork in generating original ideas.
  • Presenting ideas in the form of creative solutions, innovations, and adaptations.
  • Establishing connections between different professions and contributing to your field.
  • Knowing the technology, textiles, and materials used in implementing ideas.
  • Tailoring and sewing skills.
  • Keeping track of global trends and developments in the market.
  • Using advanced computer programs and adapting to new communication media.
  • Approaching professional challenges in a research-oriented and critical manner.
  • Thriving in the context of solo or teamwork in Serbia, the region, or beyond.
  • Presenting ideas, creative solutions, and innovations effectively and impressively.
  • Continuously and critically monitoring developments and novelties in your own field and related fields.
  • Using modern analog and digital technologies in applying various costume design methods.
  • Considering specific design tasks and problems in a broader historical and theoretical context.


By successfully completing the Master’s study program Costume Design, you become an expert ready to work for personal, academic, and professional development, as well as for the overall development and advancement of society.

Creative and critical thinking is the main asset of these educated designers. It enables them to approach not only problems but also provided information in a comprehensive way, adapting them to their needs and goals.

Regarding further education, the purpose of this program is to educate individuals who will be able to pursue higher levels of study, primarily doctoral studies, which is why theoretical subjects are also present in the curriculum.

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