As technology advances, creative industry is faced with new requirements and needs for people who are highly specialized and focused on art they create using computers. If you are a fan of animated characters or you are impressed with video games and their design, Animation, Illustration and Game Art at FCA constitutes the right choice for you.

The new profile Animation, Illustration and Game Art is a special profile within the Graphic Design department, focused on acquiring the knowledge and skills that will enable you to use your artistic talent in the gaming industry. You will learn to illustrate and animate 2D and 3D characters, to make the entire design for a video game, to draw cartoons… in short, everything that makes this growing branch of industry especially interesting and attractive.

There is a growing need for artists who will design and shape various kinds of content that we need. Video games that bring together a lot of people, creating a subculture in its own right, require their content, i.e. the new fantastical worlds, to be well thought-out and carefully designed down to the smallest detail.

The purpose of this program is creating multimedia artists who bring together unbridled imagination and strict logical rules into a new universe of animation, illustration and video games.

If you are dreaming of making art masterpieces in adventures, RPGs, real-time strategies, simulations, action games and many other genres of video-games such as those created by gaming industry giants such as Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Konami or Riot Games, through Faculty of Contemporary Arts you hava a chance to make your dreams come true.


The unique contemporary Animation, Illustration and Game Art program is designed for all the fans of comic books, fictional characters, incredible virtual spaces; everyone who often wanders off into the world of imagination and who dream of creating a different reality.

It is intended for anyone who wants to create myriads of virtual worlds where different laws of physics apply, inhabited by characters whose complexity depends exclusively on how creative, interesting and imaginative you are.

But primarily, it is intended for you who are ready to use new technology as a tool with which you create your art.

Preparation for entrance exam

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can prepare for the entrance exam free of charge and ensure that you are ready to show your talent in the right way at the entrance exam ahead. You have an unlimited number of consultations with teachers at your disposal; make the most of them. Don’t miss the chance to receive expert advice and guidance from artists renowned in their fields.

Entrance exam

The entrance exam consists of two parts: first, the candidates take a drawing exam, drawing with charcoal on natron paper. The topic is still life. The faculty provides paper and a drawing surface, but you have t bring the drawing material to the exam. After that, the part that follows is the professional part of the exam. The candidate gets a topic and does a professional task in the field of gaming – character or stage design. The candidate can use the references and choose the technique and dimensions of their drawing. It is mandatory to submit a map along with the work, which consists of at least 5 boards of still life studies, 5 boards of small drawings and 5 boards of digital works.

The entrance exam lasts one day, that is, eight classes.

Marina Crnogorac Dimitrijević
Crnogorac Dimitrijević
Dušanka Komnenić
Željko Komosar
Svetlana Knežević Lukić
Knežević Lukić
Danijela Vasilijević
Aleksandra Đorđević
Kristinka Selaković
Irina Tomić
Uroš Dojčinović
Žana Bojović
Angelina Milosavljević

The main characteristic of the teaching program at this department is the precedence of practice over theory. Students will experience a lot practical work, many real project during the studies, participation in group and individual projects and the presentation of the completed work.

The teachers are eminent and recognized experts in the world of graphic design, who will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as direct you to always keep in step with new technological developments and follow the current tendencies in animation, illustration and game art.


The knowledge you will acquire is multidisciplinary and conceived so that they become a relevant factor at the job market, making you the leaders among the new creative breed that will shape the world we live in.

Students who decide to rule the world of animation and illustration will be able to learn all the theoretical and practical processes involved in the making of video games, but that’s not all.

Through mastering individual skills, such as 3D modeling or animation, you will be trained to turn your basic idea into reality, i.e. learn how to turn an early concept into a full video game. You will learn how to animate, illustrate, model in 3D, and you will also master art direction. You will learn about the role of photography and about character design.


The need to make an imagined universe convincing, memorable, visually accessible and realer than real required special creativity and special knowledge:

  • You need to have a lot of originality and self-confidence;
  • Find inspiration for creation in real life;
  • Basic understanding of anatomy and architecture;
  • Ability to faithfully present facial expressions;
  • Sense of color, space, perspective, modeling, lighting;
  • Imagination and creativity;
  • Ability to pay attention to the smallest of details.


Everyone who decides to become animators and illustrators will have a chance to learn the fundamental theoretical and practical processes involved in the making of video games, as well as all other forms of 2D and 3D animation. Upon completion of the studies, they can embrace a career full of interesting challenges. The scope of a game artist’s responsibilities is rather broad:

  • Providing video game ideas and concepts;
  • Developing video game ideas and concepts – the theme of the game, creating the universe where the game takes place;
  • Creating and modeling characters, their appearance, their development, backstory and character symbolism;
  • Matching the video game script with the visual effects;
  • Designing levels and maps with all their objects;
  • Creating the elements of video game narration and defining the gameplay.

Prestigious Adobe certificates

Faculty of Contemporary Arts provides its students with the possibility of taking exams for the prestigious Adobe certificates, acknowledged worldwide, upon the completion of studies. The teaching program is designed so that you acquire knowledge from Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe software, which constitutes the alphabet for any contemporary graphic designer.

The IT skills you acquire at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts allow you to pass the exams for Adobe certification and give you a significant advantage over others when it comes to job applications.

Adobe certification – ACA (Adobe Certified Associate)
  • Visual Communication (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Web Authoring (Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • Video Communication (Adobe Premiere)
  • Graphic Design & Illustration (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Print & Digital Media Publication (Adobe InDesign)

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