Your success is in your hands

Professional skills are extremely important in business, but we must also point out one’s personal characteristics – precious qualities that are crucial for success.

FCA makes sure that all its students, in addition to developing their professional skills, also develop several additional skills that are useful for any job and are essential for making a successful career.

Your qualities are also your skills

This is the case of transversal skills. They include: creative thinking, being organized, skills of public appearance, teamwork, critical thinking, experimenting, having motivation, being analytical, being communicative, having self-esteem, etc.

This is the exact reason why we started LINK Mentorship Support Program which includes two months of working with top experts for career development in interesting workshops and training to help you to discover, develop and upgrade these skills.

A long and admirable career

Transversal skills make you professionally vigorous and strengthen your career with sturdiness and longevity. They also help you to explore lateral dimensions of your career more easily and with more readiness, thus enabling you to obtain additional skills and expertise.

Employers and partners value transversal skills

Transversal skills are the skills that employers and potential partners are looking for when interviewing you, which is why it is of utmost importance for you to develop them property and to be able to enhance them, so that you can list them with complete confidence during a job interview.

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