A successful acting career certainly requires talent, but talent alone does not guarantee success, and every actor knows that. It takes constant improvement and dedication. This is why ambitious actors, resolved to take their education further, choose Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

Why is Faculty of Contemporary Arts the best choice for doctoral studies?

FCA’s program not only advances your knowledge and skills, but also opens innumerable doors to prestigious professional opportunities. This is a step that will lead you to the highest level of education, and the subject you will cover will be your top specialty, while your work will be a unique reference for generations to come.

Choosing the right faculty for your doctorate is quite important, as this choice determines the level of esteem you will earn in the professional circles. Also, when it comes to the acquisition of the highest academic title, conditions and resources for your advancement are also crucial. This is why Faculty of Contemporary Arts is the best choice for your PhD.

The completion of this study program, i.e. defending your doctoral project, endows you with a PhD in dramatic and audio-visual arts.

  • Doctor’s degree and 180 ECTS points.
  • Working with famous directors, actors and producers.
  • Possibility of work at higher education institutions.
  • Participation in public presentations, presentations of own projects, conferences on culture and education.
  • Attending relevant lectures and seminars.
  • Online learning.
  • Practice in classical and avant-garde theater.
  • Practice at film and TV sets.
  • Mentor and individual approach to teaching.
  • Cutting-edge multimedia equipment.
  • Attending courses and taking exams in English.
  • Free consultations.

What are the requirements for pursuing a doctorate in dramatic arts?


All students with an average grade of 8.5 from graduate studies can enroll at the doctoral studies directly. Students with a lower average grade take a differential exam.

Program that leads to success

The purpose of the doctoral studies program in dramatic arts is to lead to the highest point of professional improvement and personal artistic development through research.

First you choose a mentor you will work with and who will help you overcome all obstacles in your research and theoretical studies.

Then you will be acquainted with the doctoral study program based on practical education and theoretical teaching. Through individual conversations with the mentor, you will find the right way to explore your interests, formulate your ideas and acquire new knowledge.

Educational approach means that, besides the practical work, you will attend lectures, seminars and exercises, and write papers and thereby acquire new and expand existing knowledge. The program also includes mandatory participation in public presentations, ensuring that you gain experience in cooperation with the experts in your field.

The final part of the study program consists of creating and defending a doctoral art project, which brings 60 ECTS points. The dramatic work is presented in practical work, as a theater play, performance or film.

Doctoral studies last three years and bring 180 ECTS points. Courses, grouped into sets of mandatory and elective subjects, last one semester each.

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