The first step towards an international acting career

The students of graduate (master’s) studies at Faculty of Contemporary Arts – Acting deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge in the realm of dramatic and audio-visual arts.

Upon the completion of studies at this graduate studies department, you will be fully equipped to take an individual, creative and critical approach to your profession – acting, as well as toward teaching and research in the field of dramatic arts.

Successful completion of this study program endows you with an MA in audio-visual arts (second level studies).

Why is a master’s degree in dramatic arts – acting important?

In this day and age, acting does not come down solely to theater and film, but permeates all sorts of public appearance, media, teaching and presence in the art and culture world. This is why Faculty of Contemporary Arts has created a program that meets the requirements of the latest trends in dramatic arts.

This is also a unique opportunity to meet all the standards required in order to start an international career. You will achieve this through attending courses and taking exams in English, thereby developing roles in this foreign language as if it were your mother tongue.

Successful completion of the studies at this program brings an MA in audio-visual arts (second level).

Slobodan Beštić
Slobodan Beštić
Vida Ognjenović
Vida Ognjenović
Božidar Đurović
Božidar Đurović
Hadži Nenad Maričić
Nenad Hadži Maričić

The goal of graduate (master’s) studies of dramatic arts – acting is to, through lectures, discussions, practical exercises and research, get the student acquainted with various advanced acting techniques, schools, approaches, methods, genres and media and technologies, so that the student can approach future acting, research, teaching, critical and artistic tasks independently, creatively, analytically, critically and confidently.

At this program, the art and skill of acting itself is segmented into several theoretical and practical, i.e. artistic sets through three different approaches to acting:

  • Classical theater
  • Avant-garde theater
  • Acting for film and television

The master studies program includes frequent public appearances, to make sure that the students already have a rich portfolio with a wealth of successful projects upon the completion of their studies at FCA.

One of the crucial means of any actor’s expression is certainly the language one speaks. To start an international career, you need to master the English language and learn how to use it in your roles in a natural and authentic way.

This is why teaching and testing at certain FCA courses takes place in English, teaching you how to use it in your work in a professional way.

Thanks to that, you can audition all over the world and get parts in international theaters and movies, as well as media engagements and freelance work.

What do you get at the graduate studies of dramatic arts – acting?

  • Master’s degree and 120 ECTS points.
  • Practice in classical and avant-garde theater.
  • Practice on movie and TV sets.
  • Work with famous directors, actors and producers.
  • Mentor and individual approach to teaching.
  • Possibility of engagement at preeminent educational institutions.
  • Attending courses and taking exams in English.
  • Online learning.
  • Practice space and multimedia equipment.
  • Free consultations.
  • Participation in international art colonies and projects.


How to enroll at Dramatic Arts – Acting?

Graduate studies at Dramatic Arts – Acting are available to all students with an average grade of 8.5 or higher at the undergraduate studies.

The students with a lover average grade take a differential exam.

Mentors are always available to the students from their class, to answer all their question and assist them in their professional development.

Master’s degree in dramatic and audio-visual arts

After the first year of graduate studies at the Department of Dramatic Arts – Acting (60 ECTS), you can receive a degree in dramatic and audio-visual arts.

You can decide whether to pursue a full master’s degree and take your education a step up at any time.