A mixture of contemporary and traditional artistic tools

Traditional classes hand in hand with the most current technologies: for years now, this combination is the reason why the students of Faculty of Contemporary Arts have been so distinguished.  A common feature of all the courses at FCA is providing their students with the state-of-the-art multimedia equipment that they can use every day.

Depending on the course they choose, students have at their disposal additional amenities that will further advance a proper development of their talents. Faculty of Contemporary Arts made an effort to provide every painter, actor, designer or stage director with the materials they need.

Traditions of know-how in a modern environment

Painters and sculptors enrich the palette of their tools with the most various pigments and dyes they might need to create their works of art, and photographers are provided with the state-of-the-art equipment that will distinguish their works among myriads of similar ones.

Interior designers and graphic designers, together with dramatic artists, design costumes for stage and movie productions, and thus create collaborative works of original costume and scenic designs.

Actors are provided with unique costumes, masks, books and materials for study and props that they need in order to fully express the true magnitude of their talents in front of the audience.

Future producers perfect their managerial skills with the assistance of Adobe and Autodesk software, and multimedia artists are provided with all the props they need in order to present their performances.

Numerous amenities provided at FCA

Free internet access, free access to computers for individual study and work, scripts to help you prepare for exams – these are just a few of many extraordinary amenities which the Faculty of Contemporary Arts provides its students with. As soon as the lecture ends, students can directly access its online learning materials and can use e-learning tests for exercising in their study.