New media communicologist as a profession of the future

Duration of undergraduate academic studies: 4 years (8 semesters)
ECTS points: 240
Academic achievement upon completion: diploma in communicatin
Number of students in class: 30

The Applied Media and Content Creation program provides journalistic, editorial and media knowledge and skills, which form the basis for a new profession – content creation and curation.

With the advancement of technology and new digital forms of communication and the immense information flow, the need for relevant content that stands out is constantly growing. Today’s creators of media space are multimedia experts able to form and launch text, video, music and other content.
Content creation and planning is becoming the crucial point of operations for companies that deal in media, marketing and PR.

This means that the individual needs to be familiar with all three areas and to be able to simultaneously be a journalist, editor, PR person, presenter and copywriter with a solid knowledge of marketing.

Studies at Faculty of Contemporary Arts combine theory and practice using new technology and thereby introduce the students into the media world and prepare them for independent work in the world of information – their distribution and presentation – i.e. presence in the public realm.
Following the contemporary trends at the global level, FCA has created a program that will teach you how to create and launch information that remains in the public memory. Use this opportunity!

Whom is the Applied Media and Content Creation department intended for?

If you are interested in both the written word and multimedia content, feel attracted to the public realm and the PR profession, you would like to come up with your own concept, TV or radio show, would like to try your hand at modern journalism, then this program is the right choice for you.

Module Applied Media and Content Creation is intended for all of you who would like to apply your creativity to digital and traditional media realm, through editing your own websites, portals, blogs, vlogs, TV shows. This department is ideal for those who are interested in copywriting, like to write or speak in front of the camera as PR representatives, hosts, journalists, for all of you who are ready to change the world of triviality and create content that makes a difference.

Also, through the subjects covered at this department, everyone who is ready to explore and analyze content and launch it through a modern concept, both locally and globally, pointing out certain social problems and raising awareness of it, will acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable you to be the one whose information stands out in the sea of information that saturate the world every day.

Preparation for entrance exam

At the Faculty of Contemporary Arts you can prepare for the entrance examination free of charge to ensure that your talent shines in the best light at the exam itself. You have at your disposal an unlimited number of consultations with the teachers; make the most of them. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive expert advice and guidance from artists renowned in their field.

Entrance exam

General knowledge test and essay on a given subject.

Duration: 1 day, 2 school periods

Aleksandra Paladin
Miloš Babić
Ivan Lalić
Silvana Grujić
Nebojša Dugalić
Zoran Branković
Žana Bojović
Davor Bosankić
Dušica Filipović
Tijana Popović
Ljubinko Goridić
Zdravko Maljković
Anita Todorović
Andrea Ratković
Uroš Dojčinović
Maja Vukadinović
Marko M.
Nenad Ilić
Aleksandra Đorđević
Gojko Despotović
Irina Tomić
Sofija Perović
Velimir Dedić
Danijela Vasilijević
Angelina Milosavljević
Kristinka Selaković

You’re the one who creates the media picture

Great dedication of experienced professionals, proven in different digital and traditional media, as well as time-tested teachers, will provide crucial knowledge and make sure that you master the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for content editing and creation, as well as independent work as a creator, researcher, presenter and author.

This study program encompasses different theoretical and practical subjects from the realm of communication, media, PR, cultural policy, journalism, editorial work, recording, basics of production, video editing.

During your studies, you will learn how to recognize key information and transform it into written articles, news items, reports, reportages, video formats, documentary shows, contemporary multimedia concepts, talk shows.

You are the one who’s creating the media picture!

Apply what you have learned on TV

Today, content creation is closely related to the new media, i.e. innovate information technology.
Contemporary media practices have become a widely accepted phenomenon, opening the door to the creation of innovative content.

Studying at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts brings work with cutting-edge technology and software, ensuring that the entire project, from preproduction to postproduction, unfolds according to the global standards.
Faculty of Contemporary Arts offers direct implementation of the acquired knowledge and skills at the first education television – eduTV, where you will have a chance to materialize your creativity.

eduTV is the first educational television in the entire region. Its twelve channels constitute a generator of knowledge from the areas of marketing, design, business, IT.
The great experience of the professionals who work there will provide you with the right environment for managing a successful production.

Early on, you will become familiar with the full equipment required for shooting, such as professional cameras, lighting, different kinds of microphones, and the crew involved in the shooting.

Once the material is recorded, your practice continues in postproduction, where you will become familiar with editing and audio and video processing of the recorded material through cutting-edge technology.

How to become a successful expert communication and content creator?

The teaching at the Applied Media and Content Creation module takes places through lectures, exercises, colloquiums, tests and individual seminary projects, with the emphasis on practical activities.

The study program includes 42 subjects, 32 mandatory and 10 elective from a list of 20 elective subjects. All subjects at this study program last one semester.

Students’ activities are monitored and assessed using the point (credit) system.
The subjects are divided into mandatory and elective, which provides numerous opportunities for professional development in media and work on creating content that best matches your interests.

What next?

Upon completion of your studies, you can work as:

  • communications expert – content creator in media systems;
  • editor in media systems;
  • web editor;
  • PR representative for corporations and media outlets;
  • marketing expert;
  • independent journalist;
  • journalist within a system;
  • author;
  • host;
  • TV presenter;
  • copywriter.


Depending on the choice of future profession, your working hours can be flexible. The job of a content creator is dynamic, creative and full of challenges; it requires communication skills, diligence and continuous work which, combined with formal education, leads to success.

This is one of the 21st century professions that can be implemented in different profitable fields, because the media realm always has a need for quality content that stands out.

The number of students in the class has been determined bearing in mind the need to ensure that equal attention can be given to each student through individual work and consultations.

Additional course packages for communication experts of the 21st century

Besides the contemporary knowledge and skills you are sure to acquire during your studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts, you can also choose, completely free of charge, packages of additional courses, thereby enriching your competencies. Additional course package includes the Personal Development Program and 4 additional courses, which you chose according to your department and your own preferences.


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