Curriculum of undergraduate studies of applied media and content creation

View the curriculum of the Applied Media and Content Creation department, which bring you knowledge and skills from the realm of journalistic and media professions as well as the foundation for the new profession: content creation and curation.


First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.OSKK21MPKMedia Practices and Communicology1Required6
2.OSKK21SVNews Recording1Required6
3.OSKK21KPKNCultural Politics and Cultural Heritage1Required6
4.OSKK21IITInformation and Internet Technologies1Required6
5.OSKK21IB11Mandatory block 1
– English Language 1
– Italian Language 1
6.OSKK21IB12Mandatory block 2
– Musical Literacy
– Production, Audio Formats
7.OSKK22KMPK2Media Practices and Interviews2Required6
8. OSKK22MOVNews Editing2Required6
9.OSKK22PKMLegislation in Culture and Media2Required6
10.OSKK22OAPFundamentals of Academic Writing2Required4
11.OSKK22IB13Mandatory block 3
– English Language 2
– Italian Language 2
12.OSKK22IB14Mandatory block 4
– Art History Overview
– Stage Art Directing
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Second yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.OSKK23MPK3Media Practices and Documentarism3Required6
2.OSKK23OJKKCorporate Communication3Required4
3.OSKK23VIŽDRecording – Documentarism3Required6
4. OSKK23MMKManagement and Marketing in Culture3Required8
5.OSKK23IB15Mandatory block 5
– Digital Photography
– Sound Design – Media
6. OSKK24SVFContemporary Video Forms4Required6
7.OSKK24VOIŽEditing – Documentarism4Required6
8.OSKK24MSIMedia Systems and Institutions4Required6
10.OSKK24IB16Elective block 6:
– Production – stage arts
Creative Acoustics
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Third yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.OSKK25MPK5Online Communications5Required8
2.OSKK25PMDEvent Management5Required6
3.OSKK25OLPOnline Media – Writing5Required6
4.OSKK25RFDirecting – Film5Required4
5. OSKK25IB17Mandatory block 7:
– Art Direction
– Music – Digital Media
5.OSKK26KOLMOnline Media Creation6Required8
6.OSKK26OLPOnline Media – Audience6Required6
7.OSKK26LBPersonal Branding6Required6
8,OSKK26RMDirecting – Media6Required4
9.OSKK26IB18Mandatory block 8
– Applied Sound and Music
– Corporate Ethics
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Fourth yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.OSKK27VKPCommunication with the Audience7Required6
2.OSKK27OLMDOnline Media, Social Networks7Required6
3.OSKK27SOLMRecording – Online Media7Required4
4.OSKK27MMManagement and Marketing in the Media7Required8
5.OSKK27IB19Mandatory block 9
– Visualization of Popular Music
– Production – Media
6.OSKK28KSContent Creation8Required8
7.OSKK28OLMOnline Media Market8Required6
8.OSKK28VOOLMEditing – Online Media8Required6
9.OSKK28TMMedia Theory8Required4
10.OSKK28IB20Mandatory block 10:
– Public and Media Appearances
– Music – Television
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Total active teaching classes in all years = 160240