Curriculum of undergraduate studies of creative business

View the curriculum of the Creative Business module, FCA’s program designed to equip you to successfully navigate the modern business landscape. You will learn how to turn your idea into lucrative business.

The Creative Business program creates the future directors of own companies or creative directors of existing companies, marketing experts, art directors, directors of consulting agencies, managers, business advisors and experts…

First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
2.OSKB1PUPsychology – Introduction1Required6
3.OSKB1MDEvent Management1Required6
4.OSKB1OAPFundamentals of Academic Writing1Required4
5.OSKB1E1English Language1Required4
6.OSKB1IB1Elective block 1
– German Language 1
– Creative Decision Making
7.OSKB2SOMStrategic and Operations Management2Required6
8. OSKB2MPInternational Business 2Required5
9.OSKB2MLJRKEHuman Resource Management and Corporate Ethics2Required5
10.OSKB2PLKPsychology – Leadership, Coaching and Talent Development2Required6
11.OSKB2E2English Language 22Required4
12.OSKB2IB2Elective block 2
– German Language 2
– Change Management
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Second yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.OSKB3KKCorporate Communications3Required4
2.OSKB3IITInformation and Internet Technologies3Required6
3.OSKB3DFDigital Photography3Required6
4.OSKB3OLPOnline Media – Writing3Required6
5.OSKB3E3English Language 33Required4
6.OSKB3IB3Elective block 3
– Integrated Communications
– Marketing Campaign and Media Buying
7.OSKB4KSContent Creation4Required8
8. OSKB4MMMMarketing and Marketing Management4Required5
9.OSKB4PPLBusiness Performance and Lobbying4Required5
10.OSKB4MPProject Management4Required4
11.OSKB4E4English Language 44Required4
12.OSKB4IB4Elective block 4
– Nonverbal Communication
– Digital Transformation
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Third yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
2.OSKB5UFFinance Management5Required4
3.OSKB5KPCorporate Law5Required4
4.OSKB5SDScenic Design5Required6
5.OSKB5PMApplied Media5Required8
6.OSKB5IB5Elective block 5
– Sustainable Development and Stakeholder Management
– Innovation, Startup and Creativity Development
7.OSKB6MMPSales and Sales Management6Required4
8. OSKB6FMFinancial Management6Required4
9.OSKB6KOLMOnline Media Creation6Required8
10.OSKB6MSIMedia Systems and Institutions6Required6
11.OSKB6MPPEditing and Postproduction6Required6
12.OSKB6IB6Elective block 6
– Creative Problem Solving
– Fundraising and Risk Management
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060
Fourth yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.OSKB7DMPTDigital Marketing and Trend Forecasting7Required4
2.OSKB7ADMSocial Network Analytics7Required4
3.OSKB7ADArt Direction7Required6
4.OSKB7KPCommunication with the Audience7Required6
5.OSKB7KPKNCultural Politics and Cultural Heritage7Required6
6.OSKB7IB7Elective block 7
– Virtual Reality and Advertising
– Power of Media in Direct Transmission
7.OSKB8LBPersonal Branding8Required6
8. OSKB8PDMProduction – Social Networks8Required6
9.OSKB8KBSContemporary Video Content Creation8Required4
10.OSKB8CECircular Economy8Required4
11.OSKB8KBBrand Creation8Required4
12.OSKB8IB8Elective block 8
– Public and Media Appearances
–Real-time Marketing
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 4060