Dramatic Arts – Acting master studies curriculum

Master studies of Dramatic Arts – Acting last for 4 semesters and bring a total of 120 ECTS credits.

The curriculum has been designed so that young artists receive the most contemporary education in accordance with their interests and professional aspirations.

First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.2AGOS101zActing – Classical Theater1Required10
2.2AGOS102zScene Speech1Required5
3.2AGOS103zVoice and Singing Technique1Required5
4.2AGOS104zCreative Reading of Drama1Required5
5.2AGOS105zTheater Production1Required5
1.2AGOS201zActing –
Avant-garde and Contemporary Theater
2.2AGOS202zScenic Movement2Required5
3.2AGOS203zTheater Dances2Required5
4.2AGOS204zCreative Writing2Required5
5.2AGOS205zPsychology in Acting2Required5
Total active teaching classes in the study year =30+30
Second yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.2AGOS301zActing – Film and Television3Required10
2.2AGOS302zSpeech and Singing for Microphone3Required5
3.2AGOS303zFilm Production3Required5
4.2AGOS304zFilm Art3Required5
5.2AGOS305zElective Course 1
Aesthetic Theory
Informatics for Artists
Sociology of Culture and Arts
1.2AGOS401zActing –
Diploma Project
3.2AGOS403zElective Course 2 – Acting Training
Scenic Movement
Theater Dances
Scenic Speech
Voice and Singing Technique
Speech and Singing for Microphone
4.2AGOS404zProfessional Practice4Required5
5.2AGOS405zFinal examination – DIPLOMAI4Required5
Total active teaching classes in the study year =30+30
Total number of ECTS credits:120