Undergraduate studies of dramatic arts – Acting last for 6 semesters and carry a total of 180 ECTS credits.

The curriculum has been designed so that visual artists receive the most contemporary education in accordance with their interests and professional aspirations.

First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.1AGOS101zTheater Acting 11Required5
2.1AGOS101bActing in front of the Microphone 11Required3
3.1AGOS102zScenic Movement 11Required2
4.1AGOS103aTheater Dances 11Required2
5.1AGOS104zStage Combat and Acrobatics 11Required4
6.1AGOS105zScenic Speech 11Required4
7.1AGOS106zVoice Technique 11Required4
8. 1AGOS107zHistory of World Drama and Theater 11Required4
9.1AGIS108zElective Course 1
- Mask and Make-Up
- Art History
- Media Theory
10.1AGOS201aTheater Acting 22Required5
11.1AGOS201bActing in front of the Microphone 22Required3
12.1AGOS202zScenic Movement 22Required2
13.1AGOS203zTheater Dances 22Required2
14.1AGOS204zStage Combat and Acrobatics 22Required4
15.1AGOS205zScenic Speech 22Required4
16.1AGIS206zVoice Technique 22Required4
17.1AGOS207zHistory of World Drama and Theater 22Required4
18. 1AGIS208zElective Foreign Language 12Elective2
Total active teaching classes in year = 4360
Second yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.1AGOS301zTheater Acting 33Required4
2.1AGOS301bFilm Acting 13Required4
3.1AGOS302zScenic Movement 33Required2
4.1AGOS303zTheater Dances 33Required2
5.1AGOS304zStage Combat and Acrobatics 33Required4
6.1AGOS305zScenic Speech 33Required4
7.1AGOS306zVoice Technique 33Required4
8.1AGOS307zHistory of National Drama and Theater3Required4
10.1AGOS401aTheater Acting 44Required4
11.1AGOS401bFilm Acting 24Required4
12.1AGOS402zScenic Movement 44Required2
13.1AGOS403zTheater Dances 44Required2
14.1AGOS404zStage Combat and Acrobatics 44Required4
15.1AGOS405zScenic Speech 44Required4
16.1AGOS406zVoice Technique 44Required4
17. 1AGOS407zHistory of National Drama and Theater 24Required4
18.1AGIS408zElective Foreign Language 24Elective2
Total active teaching classes in study year = 60060
Total ECTS credits180
Third yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.1AGOS501z Theater Acting 55Required5
2. 1AGOS501bMedia Acting 15Required5
3.1AGOS502zScenic Movement 55Required2
4.1AGOS503zTheater Dances 55Required2
5.1AGOS504zScenic Speech 55Required4
6.1AGOS505zVoice Technique 55Required4
7.1AGOS506zFilm History 15Required2
8.1AGIS507zElective Course 2
- Commedia dell’arte
- Fundamentals of marketing
- Fundamentals of photography
9.1AGIS508zElective Course 3
- Stand-Up
- Public Relations
- Film Production
10.1AGIS509zProfessional Practice5Required2
11.1AGOS601aTheater Acting 66Required5
12.1AGOS602bMedia Acting 26Required5
13.1AGOS602z Scenic Speech 66Required4
14.1AGOS603zVoice Technique 66Required4
15. 1AGOS604zFilm History 26Required2
15.1AGIS605z Final Exam6Required10
Total active teaching classes in study year = 60060
Total ECTS credits180