Curriculum of undergraduate studies of fashion design / costume design

First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.1ADOZ101k Art History 1
(From Prehistory to Greek and Roman Art)
2.1ADOS102kArt Form 1
(Visual Culture, Basic Concepts)
3.1ADOS103kElective foreign language course 1
English or Italian
4.1ADOS104kDrawing 11Required4
5.1ADOS105kIntroduction to Stage Costume 11Required4
6.1ADOS106kCostume Design 11Required3
7.1ADOS107kIntroduction to Fashion Design 11Required4
8.1ADOS108kFundamentals of Dressmaking 11Required5
9.1ADOZ201kArt History 2
10.1ADOS202kVisual Art Form 2
(Visual Culture and Contemporaneity)
11.1ADOS203kElective foreign language course 2
English or Italian
12.1ADOS204kDrawing 22Required4
13.1ADOS205kIntroduction to Stage Costume 22Required4
14.1ADOS206kCostume Design 22Required3
15.1ADOS207kIntroduction to Stage Costume 22Required4
16.1ADOS208kFundamentals of Dressmaking 22Required3
17.1АDОZ209k Fundamentals of Academic Writing2Required2
Total ECTS credits60
Second yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
18.1ADOZ301kArt History 3
19.1ADOS302kElective subject 1
- Web Design
- Sculpting 1
- Introduction to Scenic Design
20.1ADOS303kDrawing and Painting 1 – Illustration3Required6
21.1ADOS304kStage Costume Design 13Required8
22.1ADOS305kDressmaking 13Required4
23.1ADOS306kClothing Materials 13Required2
24.1ADOS307kFashion Design 13Required4
25.1ADOS308kDigital Drawing 13Required4
26. 1ADOZ401k Art History 4
(From Baroque to Mid-Nineteenth Century)
27.1ADOS402k Elective subject 2
- 3D Modeling and Animation
- Graphics 2
- Scenography 1
28.1ADOS403k Drawing and Painting 2 - Illustration4Required4
29.1ADOS404kFashion Design 24Required4
30.1ADOS405kDressmaking 24Required4
31.1ADOS406kClothing Materials 24Required2
32.1ADOS407kDigital Drawing 24Required4
33. 1ADOS408kStage Costume Design 24Required3
Total ECTS credits60
Third yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
34.1ADOZ501kArt History 5
35.1ADOS502kArt Direction5Required4
37.1ADOS504kFashion Design 35Required8
38.1ADOS505k Stage Costume 15Required6
39.1ADOS506kNew Media Theory 15Elective4
40.1ADOS507k Professional Practice5Required4
41.1ADOZ601k Art History 66Required4
42. 1ADOS602gAnthropology6Required2
43.1ADOS603kNew Media Theory 26Required4
44.1ADOS604kFashion Design 46Required6
45.1ADOS605kStage Costume 26Required6
46.1ADOS606kFinal Project6Required8
Total active teaching classes in the study year = 60060
Total ECTS credits180