Curriculum of undergraduate studies of graphic design

The studies of graphic design at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts prepare the students for the real challenges of the profession; therefore, the emphasis is on the practical work.

At vocational courses you will attend at this department, you will get tasks and solve problems identical to those that professional designers face. Step by step, you will reach the quality necessary in order to find your first engagements.

First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
1.1ADOZ101gArt History 11Required4
2.1ADOZ102gVisual Art Form 11Required4
3.1ADOZ103gElective Foreign Language Course 11Elective2
4.1ADOZ104gDrawing 1 – Design1Required2
5.1ADOZ105gEngraving 11Required4
6.1ADOZ106gInformation and Internet Technology1Required4
7.1ADOZ107gFundamentals of Photography 11Required4
8.1ADOZ108gDigital Drawing 11Required4
9.1ADOZ201gArt History 22Required4
10.1ADOZ202gVisual Art Form 22Required4
11.1ADOZ203gElective Foreign Language Course 22Elective2
12.1ADOZ204gDrawing 2 – Design2Required2
13.1ADOZ205gFundamentals of Graphic
14.1ADOZ206gLettering 1 (Calligraphy)2Required4
15.1ADOZ207gFundamentals of Photography 22Required4
16.1ADOZ208gDigital Drawing 22Required4
17.1ADOZ209gFundamentals of Academic Writing2Required2
Total ECTS credits60
Second yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
18.1ADOZ301gArt History 33Required4
19.1ADOZ302gElective Subject 13Elective4
20.1ADOZ303gDrawing and Painting 1 – Illustration3Required6
21.1ADOZ304gGraphic Design 13Required8
22.1ADOZ305gLettering 2 (Typography)3Required4
23.1ADOZ306gPhotography 13Required4
24.1ADOZ401gArt History 44Required4
25.1ADOZ402gElective Subject 24Elective4
26.1ADOZ403gDrawing and Painting 2 – Illustration4Required6
27.1ADOZ404gGraphic Design 24Required8
28.1ADOZ405gLettering 3 (Typography)4Required4
29.1ADOZ406gPhotography 24Required4
Total ECTS credits60
Third yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
30.1ADOZ501gArt History 55Required4
31.1ADOZ502gArt Direction5Required4
32.1ADOZ503gGraphic Design 35Required10
34.1ADOZ505gNew Media Theory 15Required6
35.1ADOZ506gElective Subject 35Elective4
36.1ADOZ601gArt History 66Required4
38.1ADOZ603gGraphic Design 46Required10
40.1ADOZ605gNew Media Theory 26Required5
41.1ADOZ606gProfessional Practice6Required4
Total ECTS credits60

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