Design doctoral studies curriculum

First yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
Elective Block – Design 11Elective18

Modern Design – Retail Space1Elective
Modern Design – Business Space1Elective
3ADOS101vModern Design – Cultural Buildings1Elective
2.3ADOS102Artistic Research Methods 11Required4
3. 3ADOS103Scientific-artistic research paper writing techniques1Required4
Elective Block 11Elective30
3ADOS104aScenic Phenomena in Contemporary Arts
3ADOS104bMarketing in Culture1Elective
3ADOS104vAesthetics of Communications1Elective
5.3ADIZ201Elective Block – Design 22Elective22
Postmodern Design – Retail Space2Elective
3ADIZ201bPostmodern Design – Business Space2Elective
3ADIZ201vPostmodern Design – Cultural Buildings2Elective
6.3ADOS202Artistic Research Methods 22Required4
7.3ADIZ203Elective Block 22Elective30
3ADIZ203aPerformance and Performativity in Visual Arts2Elective
3ADIZ203bInterdisciplinary Research in Visual Communications 1 2Elective
3ADIZ203vMarketing Systems 2Elective
Total number of active teaching classes in study year = 4060
Second and third yearCodeSubject nameSemesterSubject statusECTS
Elective Block – Design 33Elective22

Contemporary Design – Retail Space3Elective
Contemporary Design – Business Premises3Elective
3ADOS301vContemporary Design – Cultural Buildings3Elective
9.3ADOS302New Media Theory 13Required4
10.3ADIZ303Elective Block 33Elective30
3ADIZ303aContemporary Tendencies in Dramatic Production
3ADIZ303bManagement in Culture3Elective
3ADIZ303vInterdisciplinary Research in Visual Communications 23Elective
3ADIZ303gTwentieth Century: Art in Theory3Elective
11.3ADOS401Introductory Paper and Thesis Subject Defense4Required22
12.3ADOS402New Media Theory 24Required4
13.3ADIZ403Elective Block 44Elective30
Contemporary Art Theories from 1998 to Present Day4Elective
3ADIZ403bMusic in Dramatic Arts4Elective
Total number of active teaching classes in study year = 4060
14. 3ADOS501Making of Doctoral Art Project 15Required30
15.3ADOS601Making of Doctoral Art Project 26Required30
Total active teaching classes in year = 4060
Total active teaching classes at the study program = 120180